Loyola University Chicago

The Graduate School


The Graduate School admits applicants to either degree-seeking or non-degree-seeking status within a graduate program. Degree-seeking students are admitted to formally pursue a Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts or Master of Science degree. Non-degree-seeking students are admitted to take individual graduate courses, or to formally pursue a Certificate of Advanced Study.

An applicant for admission must ordinarily hold (or receive prior to matriculation) a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. In addition, because academic qualifications are of major importance, the applicant ordinarily must have achieved a grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Many graduate programs have specific prerequisites for admission (for example, completion of a particular undergraduate major, or completion of certain undergraduate courses). In cases where prerequisites have not been met prior to admission, completion of additional undergraduate courses may be required. Such prerequisite courses do not count toward fulfilling the number of semester hours of coursework required for a graduate degree.

A non-degree-seeking student may continue to take courses beyond the first term, subject to the approval of the graduate program and the Graduate School. If a non-degree-seeking student is subsequently admitted to degree-seeking status, a maximum of nine semester hours of coursework may apply toward fulfillment of degree requirements, subject to the approval of the graduate program and the Graduate School.

Additional admission requirements apply to international applicants.

Deferral of Matriculation

An admitted student who wishes to defer matriculation to a subsequent term must request approval from the director of the graduate program, who will make a recommendation to the Graduate School. If approval is granted, the program requirements as of the term of matriculation will apply to the student.

Change of Degree-Seeking Status

A student wishing to change degree-seeking status from MA or MS to PhD, or vice versa, should use the Graduate School's change of degree-seeking status form. A student wishing to change from non-degree-seeking to degree-seeking status, or from another unit's degree program to a Graduate School program, should call 312.915.8950; or e-mail: gradapp@luc.edu.