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Department of History

Regularly Scheduled Courses

Courses Available Every Semester

581 Practicum in Public History

Practicums provide students with specific exposure to an aspect of the practice of public history. Practicums are undertaken either under the direct supervision of Loyola faculty or the joint supervision of a Loyola faculty member and a cooperating off-campus supervisor.

582 Public History Internship

The internship will provide an extended practical experience in the field of public history. Internships are tailored to fit the needs of the individual student and the needs of the off-campus agency involved. As part of their program, all public history students must undertake an internship either doing public history in the private sector or with a public agency. The internship is available during any semester and its timing is related to an individual student's progress in the program. This is a variable credit course.  Students in the MA Public History program take a 1-hour internship (50 hours minimum).  Students in the PhD program, the MA Program or the dual MAPH/MILS Program take a 3-hour internship (150 hours). 

585 Career Diversity Internship

The career diversity internship provides an opportunity for graduate students to explore a career pathway and apply the skills honed through training in history in a setting outside of the traditional history classroom. Students will gain hands-on experience in a non-teaching career area. This is a 3-hour internship which requires 150 internship hours.

498 Dissertation Research

Students register for this course once they begin work on their dissertation and have not yet completed the sixty hours required for the PhD degree. If necessary, this course can be taken up to three times.

499 Directed Study

This course provides students with the opportunity to work under the direction of a faculty member on a particular area of interest.

598 Dissertation Proposal Seminar

Students work closely with an advisor to prepare their dissertation proposal.

599 Directed Primary Research

In this course students work under the direction of an advisor on a specific research project and produce a Master's Essay in lieu of the seminar requirement.

600 Dissertation Supervision

Students take this course once they complete all requirements for the PhD except the dissertation. The purpose of this course is to maintain active enrollment in the Graduate School during the fall and spring semesters. No credit hours are associated with this course and students receive a grade of CR.

605 Master's Study

Students register for 605 to maintain active enrollment in the Graduate School during the fall or spring semesters if they are not registered for any graduate class at the master's level while finishing up their requirements, such as field examinations and the research project.

610 Doctoral Study

Doctoral students may register for this course to maintain active enrollment in the Graduate School while they are studying for their field examinations. This course can only be taken twice.

Fall-only Courses

  • HIST 400: 20th Century Approaches to History (every fall)
  • HIST 479: Public History Media (every fall)
  • HIST 480: Public History Method and Theory (every fall)
  • HIST 483: Oral History Method and Practice (every fall)

Spring-only Courses

  • HIST 481: Management of Historical Resources (spring, ODD-years)
  • HIST 482: Archives and Record Management (spring, EVEN-years)
  • HIST 487: Management of History Museums (spring, ODD-years)