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For information about many important issues, please go here.

For a list of Graduate School Key Dates and Deadlines, click here.

For even more specific information, especially about Incompletes, etc., download the Academic Policies form at the top: current version

Please visit the links below to view tools and resources about personal finance and financial literacy geared specifically towards graduate students:

Please ask the History Graduate Assistant or Director for a shared Advising Spreadsheet.  You need to constantly update this form with reference to your LOCUS course records so that you can be sure that all degree requirements are being completed. Place each completed course in the sheet according to the requirement it fulfills. You must also keep track of your Comprehensive Exams, Research Tools, RCRS compliance, etc., on this form. This will be shared with the GPD and your Advisor so that we can all make sure you are meeting requirements correctly. It will also be the basis for reports to the Graduate School about your progress, so you are REQUIRED to update it at the end of every semester.

Here are blank forms for each program category:

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