Loyola University Chicago

Modern Languages and Literatures

Degree Requirements

Completion of the BA in French degree program requires ten courses totaling 30 credits, excluding French 101–104 or their equivalent.

Requirements include:

  • Composition and Conversation, I and II (French 250 and 251)
  • Main Currents of French Literature, I and II (French 270 and 271)
  • Stylistics (French 301) or French for Professions (French 302)
  • Survey of Seventeenth Century (French 317)
  • Four additional 300-level courses in French

Note: 200-level courses are prerequisites for 300-level courses.

Students with prior knowledge of French: please see information about the placement exam before registering for a class.

Portfolio Requirement
A senior Capstone E-Portfolio is required for graduation. Click here at the beginning of your major for details.

Departmental Honors
Students graduating with Departmental Honors take one Honors Tutorial (French 399) in addition to the above major requirements.