Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Student Job Descriptions

This page includes a sample of the kinds of student jobs available in the Theatre Program. Please see job postings on Handshake for detailed job descriptions. 



The costume shop administrative assistant, under the supervision of the Costume Shop Manager and Costume Design Faculty, is responsible for all administrative duties required for the maintenance and upkeep of the costume shop that may or may not be directly related to costume construction. 

The position has the following responsibilities: 

  • Maintains personal work area, including all desk and computer supplies as well as specific forms, necessary to keep work moving at an efficient pace 
  • Communicates with other Costume shop team members, Stage Management, Production Office and Designers concerning problems and how to effectively find solutions 
  • Knowledge of production schedules and timelines to produce garments for DFPA productions (Dance, Theatre, Music and Fine Arts.) 
  • Ability to generate necessary schedules, calendars, charts, excel spread sheets 
  • Assist in ordering supplies and procuring items for a DFPA production. 
  • Assemble & Organize information and set-up production needs in the costume shop. 
  • Facilitate and assist with accounting, budgets, receipts 
  • Manage and maintain costume storage and storage databases 
  • Facilitate the organization of costume restock, and measurements 
  • Craft weekly progress and deadline emails to costume shop staff, designers, and assistants. 
  • Maintain related Wardrobe spaces: ie. dressing rooms, fittings rooms, and related supplies. 



Costume shop stitchers, under the supervision of the Costume Shop Manager, are responsible for the implementation of costume designs for all DFPA performance needs. 

The position has the following responsibilities: 

  • Experience in a variety of hand and machine sewing techniques. 
  • Ability to skillfully operate industrial and domestic sewing machines, industrial steam iron & serger to execute garment construction and alterations. 
  • Maintenance of personal work area to include all machinery as necessary to keep work moving at an efficient pace 
  • Knowledge of production schedules and timelines to produce garments for DFPA productions (Dance, Theatre, Music and Fine Arts.) 
  • Agility to manage time effectively on each project. 
  • Organized and dependable work ethic.  
  • Communication with other team members to effectively find solutions. 
  • Collaboration on projects and the ability to work on a cohesive team. 



Performance Lighting, Sound and Video Support members load in, tech and strike various events in our five performance venues. Support staff will be required to set up and use various audio, lighting, and AV equipment.  They may run the lights, sound mixer, recording systems, projection equipment or other technical requirements for an event. 

Additional duties may include: assisting with paperwork; working closely with scenic construction staff; attending training sessions; organizing the workspace; and other venue-related tasks. 

Experienced students may be asked to be Crew Leads or get additional training to be sound or light board operators.  Crew Leads supervise a team of students for a specific project, delegate tasks, organize paperwork, and manage troubleshooting procedures. 

Previous experience with audio, light, and stage equipment is preferred.  



Production Management Assistants work as part of a team in the Production Office, under the direction and supervision of the Managing Director and Production Management Coordinator, are responsible for supporting the planning and organization of the DFPA’s annual programming. 

The position has the following responsibilities: 

  • Planning and organizing various mainstage programming across the DFPA (Department of Fine and Performing Arts), as well as multiple student projects in respective departments.
  • Managing various space requests and organization of venue usage throughout different information processing systems including Airtable, Asana, CalendarWiz, and Outlook.
  • Maintaining production calendars and ensuring team members have access to critical resources of information including shared documents, folders, and calendars.
  • Communicating with DFPA faculty and staff to plan and organize events and ensure deadlines are being met and all information is shared to necessary departments.
  • Knowledge of production schedules and timelines for DFPA productions and managing deadlines.
  • Strong note taking and meeting management skills, including managing zoom and hybrid meetings.
  • Mentoring stage managers for the DFPA’s mainstage and second stage programming including organizing access to spaces, key management, SM kit distribution, and rehearsal/performance space orientation.
  • Assist in ordering scripts and supplies for the Production Office and other departments.
  • Overall hospitality skills for DFPA students and staff and any guest artists, directors, performers, etc. that are hired throughout the season.
  • Maintaining and managing information including shifting personnel, changing dates and deadlines, and alternations to scope and budget.
  • Serving as a key contact for information about the production process to interested students.  

Experience | Qualifications:  Ideal candidates will have prior experience in stage management, production or event management, excellent communication skills, attention to detail, be proactive and professional and have strong technology skills in Microsoft Suite, Google Suite with enthusiasm to learn more.  



Under the supervision of the Technical Director, the Scene Shop Assistant works closely with other crew members in the construction and load-in of all scenic elements and properties for the Department of Fine and Performing Arts.  

The position has the following responsibilities: 

  • Construct sets according to Scenic Designer’s plans 
  • Acquire, craft or manipulate properties necessary in any DFPA productions.  
  • Assume responsibility for the proper maintenance and minor repair of all shop and performance space equipment. 
  • Adhere to procedures set forth by the Technical Director at all times 
  • No prior experience is necessary – Scenic Shop Assistant will be trained in the use of construction tools and in the techniques of scenic carpentry. There is also the potential to gain skills in welding, carpentry, rigging, sculpting, painting, and proper safety and tool maintenance. 



Plan and execute the construction, painting, and/or finishing of various props as assigned by the Props Artisan. This person may be asked to work with and should be familiar with a variety of materials and techniques including, but not limited to, woodworking, sewing, painting, and crafts. Props Artisans do not need to be DFPA students, but must be enthusiastic, supportive, and curious about the arts. 

The position has the following responsibilities: 

  • Ability to read, interpret, and build from designer drawings as assigned by Properties Artisan or Technical Director 
  • Ability to interpret and build from sketches, photos, video, or other media as assigned by Properties Artisan. 
  • Familiarization with a large variety of building materials and construction techniques. 
  • Inform Properties Artisan of shop material needs in a timely fashion. 
  • Purchase or rent props as necessary at the direction of the Properties Artisan. 
  • Participate in props/scenic transfers to and from warehouses, theatres, and rehearsal halls as needed. 
  • Touch up, repair, and maintenance of items assigned by Properties Artisan. 
  • Refurbishment and replacement of props from shows as directed by the Properties Artisan. 
  • Build or source stock items and mock-up for rehearsal if needed. 
  • Participation in all show load-ins. 
  • Work in a safe, efficient, and organized manner. 
  • Any other tasks as requested by Properties Artisan.