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Donating Materials

The University Archives serves as the institutional memory of Loyola University Chicago. As such, its primary mission is to collect, preserve, organize, describe, and make available institutional records of enduring historical, legal, fiscal, and administrative value. In addition, thee University Archives collects records of the University community that help promote knowledge and understanding of the origins, programs, and goals of the University. The papers and records of individuals and organizations not directly connected to Loyola University Chicago are also collected should the subject matter be relevant to the established collections at the Archives.

Following are the established collecting areas for the University Archives and Special Collections:

Official University Records

Records of the administrative offices, colleges, schools, departments, and student organizations of Loyola University Chicago with enduring historical, legal, fiscal, or administrative value. These records are transferred to the University Archives in accordance with the official University records retention schedule. In addition, the Archives is the repository for the official copy of all theses and dissertations written at the University.

For information on Loyola's records management program click here.

Other Records

Faculty and staff papers and publications, alumni papers, and publications not created by Loyola University Chicago but that contain historical or administrative information about the University.

The University Archives is especially interested in collecting papers of current and former Loyola faculty and staff members, Loyola alumni in all fields, and student organization records. For information on donating faculty and staff papers click here. For information on donating Alumni papers click here. Student organizations should contact the University Archives at 773.508.2660 for more information on transferring their records to the archives.

Jesuit Community Records

Records of the Jesuit community at Loyola University Chicago and papers of individual members of the community.

Samuel Insull

Papers of Samuel Insull; published works relating to his life and work; records of companies owned, headed by, or affiliated with Insull; and papers of individuals who worked with Insull.

Entertainment Arts

Papers of individuals, collections, and publications relating to the entertainment arts, especially those relating to theatre.

Catholic Organizations

Records and collections of Catholic organizations, especially those with a pertinent relationship to Chicago, and the papers of individuals active in such organizations.

Jesuit Educators

Papers of prominent Jesuit educators who are connected to Loyola University Chicago

For further information on how the University Archives and Special Collections acquires papers and records, along with information on what will not be accepted, click here.