Loyola University Chicago

University Archives & Special Collections

Records Management

University records are transferred to the University Archives according to Loyola's Non-Financial Records Retention Schedule. Records in all formats (physical & digital) are accepted. All records transferred to the University Archives are closed for 20 years according to the University Records Confidentiality Policy.

Physical records should be packed in a bankers box or Hallett transfile box for transfer to the University Archives. Place files in the box in the order they were kept in the filing cabinet or other storage area. Number the boxes and label them with the department name and contact person. Include a brief file inventory in each box. 

Digital records can be transferred via email, OneDrive, external hard drive, or by contacting the University Archivist at kyoung3@luc.edu to arrange a time for an archives staff member to visit the department to download designated records to an external hard drive.

Please email the University Archivist with any questions.

The Records to transfer short list highlights the records on the 2012 Records Retention Policy that should be transferred to the University Archives.

Records not accepted by the University Archives include:

  • Check requisitions, monthly budget reports, petty cash records, etc.
  • Student records
  • Personnel records other than CVs