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A to Z List: Special Collections

The Loyola Special Collections is comprised of the papers and records of individuals and organizations in the following areas: Loyola faculty, staff, and alumni; Catholic history; Chicago history; Chicago businessmen; entertainment arts; Jesuits; Chicago and Illinois politicians; and political cartoons.

The list below represents only a small percentage of the collections, specifically those collections with finding aids online. It is not all inclusive. These links provide access to individual finding aids. They do not lead to digitized materials.

Grey headings mean that the collection is not processed or the finding aid is not yet online. Contact the archivist with any questions.

Loyola Special Collections staff strive to use inclusive and non-hurtful language in all of our descriptions. Some collections, however, may include documents that contain hurtful language due to the era in which they were created. Finding aids are frequently reviewed and updated to improve subject access and language. The records that they represent are not changed.


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Anderson Playbill Collection, 1927-1946

Alvo E. Albini papers, 1967-1994

Autograph Collection, 1772-1955

Sylvia Alvino papers



Betty A. Barclay Playbill Collection, 1942-2000

Arthur L. Berman papers, 1977-2003

John W. Bieri, S.J., papers

Felix P. Biestek, S.J., papers, 1970-1994

Brownson Circle records, 1917-1975

Robert Broderick papers, 1926-2003

Carl Burlage, S.J., papers, 1886-1996

John Byrne papers, 1832-1936

Thomas J. Bryant, SJ, Photograph Collection, 1958-1979



Carrigan Collection, 1792-1971 (Bulk 1921-1969)

Thomas A. Carter, M.D., Papers, 1909-1947

Catholic Church Extension Society

Catholic Instruction League records, 1904-1946

Chicago Public School Teachers Oral History Collection

Chicago Inter Student Catholic Action (CISCA)

Mine E. Cinar, PhD, Papers, 1983-2015

Circuit Court of Cook County Retired Judges Oral History Collection

Henry Cohen, Ph.D., papers, 1825-1987

Commonwealth Edison records

Cuneo Family

Cuneo Mansion and Gardens




Margaret M. Dagenais papers, 1937-1984

Gerardo Decorme, S.J., papers, ca. 1940-1941

Jean Delanglez, S.J., papers, 1931-1949

Rosemary V. Donatelli papers, 1957-1980

Charles I. Doyle, S.J., papers, 1846, 1862-1973

Marie Aloysia Dunne papers, 1906-1932

George Drury, Ph.D., papers, 1934-1998

Finvola Drury Collection, 1951-1996, Undated

Thomas J. Dyba Photograph Collection, 1950-1963



Lester J. Evett, S.J., papers, 1907-1990



Stanley Fahlstrom, M.D, papers, 1942-1947, 1985

Dorr E. Felt Collection

John E. Festle, S.J., papers, 1932-1983

Francis L. Filas, S.J., papers, 1931-1989

John C. Fitzgerald, J.D., papers, 1927-1992

Christine L. Fry papers, 1973-1982

Helmuth Fuchs, PhD, papers, 1963-2017



Joseph A. Gagliano, Ph.D., papers, 1920-1998

Ralph A. Gallagher, S.J., papers, 1915-1965

Gilbert J. Garraghan, S.J., papers, 1868, 1902-1942

Suzanne S. Gossett, Ph.D., papers, 1972-2011

Francis X. Grollig, S.J., papers, 1938-1989

B. G. Gross, Ph.D., papers, 1903-2002



Halstead Collection, 1826-1942

LaMarr W. Harris, D.D.S., papers, 1941-1962

Robert C. Hartnett, S.J., papers, 1888-1984

Robert F. Harvanek, S.J., papers, 1939-1993 (bulk 1973-1989)

Martin Heidegger Collection, 1918-1976

Vincent V. Herr, S.J., papers, 1905-1971

Holy Cards, Pamphlets & Prayer Book Collection, 1847-1983

Holy Family Parish records, 1857-1951

Henry J. Hyde papers, 1923-2008



Illinois Catholic Historical Society records, 1906-1990

Insull Family



Irish Immigrants to Chicago Oral History Collection, 2000-2001

Marti Tomas Izral papers, 1978-1997



Jerome V. Jacobsen, S.J, papers, 1916-1980

Catherine Jarrott, Ph.D., 1944-1984

Thesle Theodore Job, Ph.D., papers, 1915-1965

Charles Nelson Johnson, D.D.S., papers, 1872-1932



Kane Collection, 1829-1945

George G. Kaufman, Ph.D., papers, 1963-2017, Undated

John L. Keeley, M.D., papers, 1960-1988

Arthur Kellner, D.D.S., Collection, 1950-1974

Edward Kelly papers, 1920-1934

James J. Kelly, SJ, papers, 1943-1991

John A. Kemp, S.J., papers, 1930-1963

E. Ogden Ketting papers

Imogene M. King, R.N., Ed.D, papers, 1925-1985

Ronald J. Kizior, Ph.D., papers, 1961-2013

Walter P. Krolikowski, S.J., papers, 1934-2000


Paul S. Lietz, Ph.D., papers, 1925-1985

Latinos in Chicago Oral Histories, 1993-2001

Frank J. Lewis papers, 1924-1960




Leander Hamilton McCormick papers, 1874-1923

Richard A. McCormick, S.J., papers, 1940-2000

Forrest McDonald papers, 1873-1963

Anna Grace McHenry-McGrath papers, 1930-1986

John V. Madonia, DDS, papers, 1960-1988

Frederick P. Manion, S.J., papers, 1909-1976

Raymond P. Mariella, Ph.D. papers, 1947-1975

James J. Mertz, S.J., papers, 1900-1979

Carl E. Moore, Ph.D., papers, 1950-1981,

Tassos Malliaris, Ph.D., papers, 1970-2015

Jack Mulqueen papers, 1923-2014



National Catholic AIDS Network (NCAN) records, 1986-2007

National Catholic Interscholastic Basketball Tournament (NCIBT) records, 1924-1941

Nevett Fund of America records, 1945-1999

Gerald Nordland papers, 1902-2013, Undated (bulk 1957-2013)


James O'Keefe papers, 1934

John O'Keefe papers, 1927-1939



Rosemarie Rizzo Parse Papers, 1940-2016

Peoples Gas Light and Coke Co. records, 1887-1952





Louis P. Rogge, O. Carm., Collection, 1896-1945

J. Donald Roll, S.J., papers, 1912-1985

Charles Ronan, S.J., papers, 1945-2004

Edmund J. Rooney, Ed.D., papers, 1956-1998

Dan Rostenkowski papers, 1959-1995



Edward W. Schneider papers, 1923-1989

Raymond V. Schoder, S.J., papers, 1933-1987

Elizabeth A. Schor Collection, 1909-1995

R. A. Scotti papers, 1984-2009

SERRA International records, 1937-2006

Thomas Sheehan, Ph.D., papers, 1959-2001

Sheet Music Collection, 1869-1935

Frederic Siedenburg, S.J., papers

Leona Marie Smolinski, R.N., D.N.SC., papers, 1966-1975

Wilma Spurrier papers, 1953-1987

Stagebill Collection, 1900 -1986

Scott Stantis Papers, 1939-1940s, 1980-2018, Undated

St. Bernard Hospital records, 1881-1991

St. Bernard School of Nursing records, 1906-1975

St. Bernard Hospital Community records, 1903-1992

St. Ignatius Parish records, 1907-2001

Edward I. Surtz, S.J., papers, 1930-1983

Martin J. Svaglic, Ph.D., papers, 1930-1983

Peter T. Swanish, Ph.D., papers, 1921-1971



David Thomasma, Ph.D., papers, 1981-1996

William G. Thompson, S.J., papers







Leon T. Walkowicz Collection, 1893-1969

Granger E. Westberg papers, 1925-2000

Wilhelmi Sheetmusic Collection, 1882-1967

William Braid White papers, ca. 1903-1938

Kale Williams papers, 1962-2006

Henry Wirtenberger, S.J., papers, 1927-1976

Henry P. Wolf papers, 1968-1981