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Collections opened during 2018

Walter P. Krolikowski, S.J., Dean records, 1963-1970

Walter P. Krolikowski, S.J., papers, 1934-2000

Helmuth Fuchs, PhD, papers, 1963-2017

Frank J. Lewis papers, 1924-1960

Mariette LeBlanc, Associate Dean of Students, records, 1964-1974, Undated

Lake Shore Student Government Association (LSGA) records, 1932-1997, Undated

Water Tower Government (W.T.G.)records, 1968-1986, Undated

Student Organizations & Events records, 1890, 1941-2005, Undated

University College Club records, 1960-1969, Undated



Alpha Sigma Nu - Loyola Chapter records, 1966-1985

Alpha Sigma Nu - Loyola Chapter records, 1987-2001

Phi Alpha Theta - Chi Mu Chapter records, 1976-1997, Undated

Speech and Drama records, 1948-1969

Chicago College of Dental Surgery, 1883-1991 (bulk 1929-1991)

Valentine Ball records, 1953-1986

Natural Sciences Department

Records, 1955-1989 

Theatre Department

Records, 1932-2003

Records, 1950-1981

Records, 1955-2005

Records, 1956-1982

Records, 1968-1975

Records, 1975-1979


Collections opened during 2017

Lester J. Evett, S.J., papers (.5 lft)

Robert F. Harvanek, S.J., papers (2.5 lft)

John L. Keeley, M.D., papers (.5 lft)

Arthur Kellner, D.D.S., Collection (.25 lft)

John A. Kemp, S.J., papers (1.0 lft)

University College, office of the Dean: Henry R. Malecki records (2.0 lft)

College of Arts & Sciences - Department of History: Matteo Ricci Symposium records (1.5 lft)

Office of Public Relations records, 1954-1982 (10.5 lft)

Anna Grace McHenry-McGrath papers, 1930-1986 (.275 lft)


Collections opened during 2016

Carrigan Collection (6.5 lft)

Margaret M. Dagenais papers (1.0 lft)

Jack Mulqueen papers (19,95 lft)

Ronald J. Kizior, Ph.D. papers (39 lift)

Tassos Malliaris, Ph.D. papers (11 lft)

Henry P. Wolf papers (1.5 lft)

Loyola - U.S. Bicentennial Observance Committee Records (.5 lft)

Henry J. Hyde papers

Office of the Chancellor, James F. Maguire, S.J., records (13 lft)

University Libraries - Directors' records (1 lft)

College of Arts and Sciences - English Department records (1.5 lft)

College of Arts and Sciences - Associate Dean, Water Tower Campus, records (14.5 lft)

Graduate School records (2.5 lft)

Graduate School - Office of the Dean, Stewart E. Dollard, S.J., records (1 lft)

Honorary Degree records (2 lft)

Marti Tomas Izral papers (2.75 lft)

V. P. of Faculties - Lakeshore Campus Space Committee records (1.5 lft)

Dorr E. Felt Collection

  • "Our Country First" conference (.25 lft)
  • Radicalism in Great Britain (.25 lft)
  • 20th Century Press Bureau (.5 lft)
  • Industrial Engineering (.5 lft)

Imogene King, R.N., Ed.D. papers, Addendum 1 (12.75 lft)

School of Dentistry - William P. Schoen, DDS, MDS, records (1.75 lft)

School of Education records (.5 lft)

Office of the Registrar records (1 lft)


Finding aids corrected during 2016

Raymond C. Baumhart, S.J., records + addenda 1-8


Collections opened for research 2014-2016

George F. Drury papers (2.0 lft)

Dorr E. Felt Collection

  • Felt & Tarrant Manufacturing records (1.0 lft)
  • World War I (17.5 lft)
  • Bolshevism (5.5 lft)
  • Domestic Organizations & Charities (2.0 lft)

William Braid White papers (1.5 lft)

Carl E. Moore, Ph.D., papers (1.0 lft)

Wilma Spurrier papers (7.0 lft)

Kale Williams papers (7.5 lft)

Loyola University Charismatic Prayer Community records (.5 lft)

Loyola University Community Council records (.25 lft)

Office of the President

  • Annual Reports to the President (5.75 lft)
  • Centennial Office records (7.0 lft)

Office of Public Relations

  • Inactive Resource Files (1.75 lft)

Office of Student Affairs

  • Dean of Students, Joan Steinbrecher, Ph.D., records (3.25 lft)
  • Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, Loyola Chapter, records (.5 lft)


Collections opened for research 2012 to 2014

SERRA International records (61.86 lft)

Thomas Sheehan, PhD, papers (12.18 lft)

Suzanne S. Gossett, PhD, papers (6.67 lft)

Catholic Church Extension Society:

  • Financial records (4.0 lft)
  • Montezuma Seminary records (2.0 lft)
  • William D. O'Brien, D.D., records (2.0 lft)

Dan Rostenkowski papers:

  • General series (31.5 lft)
  • Golf series (1.5 lft)
  • "Thank Yous" series (5.0 lft)
  • Legislative series (123.5 lft)
  • Publications series (42.0 lft)
  • Audio-Visual series (24.5 lft)

Dorr E. Felt collection:

  • World War I series (17.5 lft)
  • Railroad Strike series (2.5 lft)

Cuneo records: Currently unavailable

Ronald J. Kizior, PhD, papers (32.5 lft)

St. Ignatius Parish collection (3.0 lft)

Elizabeth A. Schor collection (4.25 lft)

Holy Cards, Pamphlets & Prayer Book collection (3.75 lft)

Brownson Circle records (3.0 lft)

Collections opened for research during 2011–2012

Catholic Church Extension Society:


Other collections:

Collections opened for research during 2010–2011

Collections opened for research in 2009–2010

Autograph Collection, 15.5 linear feet (1,280 files)

Martin J. Svaglic, PhD., papers, 6.5 linear feet

Parmly Hearing Institute records, 4.75 linear feet

Center for Urban Policy records, 1.5 linear feet

Charles I. Doyle, S.J., papers, 2.0 linear feet

Peter T. Swanish papers, 11.0 linear feet

Institute of Human Resources and Industrial Relations records, 9.25 linear feet

John C. Fitzgerald papers, 6.0 linear feet

Stanley Fahlstrom, M.D., papers, .25 linear feet

Peoples Gas Light and Coke Co. records, 2.25 linear feet

John O'Keefe papers, .5 linear feet

Illinois Catholic Historical Society records, 9.25 linear feet

National Catholic AIDS Network records, 21.5 linear feet

Leander Hamilton McCormick papers, .25 linear feet

John Byrne papers, 1.75 linear feet

Charles Ronan, S.J., papers, 2.25 linear feet

Office of the General Counsel records, 7.25 linear feet

Edmund Rooney papers, 8.5 linear feet