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Loyola University Chicago History

The Loyola History collections brings together documents, such as library catalogs and unpublished university histories, that reflect the historical development of Loyola University Chicago.

Loyola University Chicago Photograph Collection

Images documenting the people, places, and events at Loyola.

Loyola University Chicago Course Catalogs

St. Ignatius College/Loyola University Chicago catalogs and bulletins from 1870 to 2000.

Loyola Academy

Established in 1909, Loyola Academy was housed at Dumbach Hall on the Lake Shore Campus of Loyola University Chicago before moving to Wilmette, IL, in 1957.

Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Established in 1909, Loyola's School of Law celebrated its centennial during the 2008–2009 academic year. This collection celebrates the School of Law through photographs and documents, including a letter from several prominent Chicago attorneys requesting the establishment of a law school at St. Ignatius College.

Annual Award Dinner programs

Programs from the Annual Award Dinner held by the Stritch School of Medicine. The programs begin with 1950 and contain information on Stritch Medal and Sword of Loyola awardees.

Loyola University Chicago Commencement Programs

Commencement programs containing information about graduates, faculty, university administration, and speakers from 1898 to current.

Loyola News/Loyola Phoenix

Loyola's student newspapers, the Loyola News was established in 1924 and ran until 1969. In 1970 the name of the student newspaper changed to Loyola Phoenix.


Blackacre was the student newspaper of the Loyola School of Law from 1967 through 2000. It covered events at the school as well as significant legal events in Illinois and the United States.


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Loyolan, 1924–1986

The Loyola University yearbook containing information on the university, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, College of Commerce, and the Graduate School.

Dentos, 1912–1993

Yearbook of the School of Dentistry.

Towers, 1954–1957

Yearbook of the College of Commerce at the Water Tower Campus.

Stritch School of Medicine, 1916–2008

Yearbooks of the school of Medicine. Some years the Medical School graduates were included in the Loyolan.

Rome Center, 1964–2009

Yearbooks of the Rome Center. No yearbooks was issued for the first year of the Rome Center (1962–1963).


Student Publications

St. Ignatius Collegian, 1901–1913

The St. Ignatius Collegian was the first magazine published by the students of St. Ignatius College/Loyola University. It contains information on events at the College as well as literary efforts by the students.

Loyola University Magazine, 1913–1921

In 1913 the St. Ignatius Collegian became the Loyola University Magazine. While still including a chronicle of what was happening at the University, it began to include more literary efforts by students. The magazine's name was later changed to Loyola Quarterly before becoming Cadence.