Loyola University Chicago

Campus Card

Charge Authorizations

Students can use the Rambler Bucks Charge Authorization Form to add Rambler Bucks to their Rambler Card, while charging the amount requested to their student account in LOCUS.  Funds can be added in increments of $100, but not exceeding $800 per semester.  These funds will be placed on the Rambler Card within one (1) business day, and the charge will then be added to the student account within three (3) to five (5) business days to be paid in full along with all tuition and fees.  Students must comply with the assigned deadline for each term.

If a student is unsure of the total cost of books, supplies and other expected purchases, the Campus Card Office suggests contacting the bookstore with inquiries.  Any funds not used in the purchase of books or supplies at the bookstore can be used at any location that accepts Rambler Bucks.

Any students enrolled in programs outside of the traditional undergraduate semester schedule should contact the Campus Card Office for more information at campuscard@luc.edu.


If you are experiencing any problems with your Campus Card, please let us know: Report a Problem.