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Facility Policies

The Damen Student Center is excited to serve the needs of the Loyola University Chicago community. In order to provide the best service that we can for the large amounts of programs, events, meetings, and every day building use that we accommodate in the Damen Student Center, we have developed a number of building policies that we expect our guests to abide by. You can see these policies listed below. To access a PDF version of our building policies, please see Building Policies.


Student Centers Building Policies
*Student Center facilities refer to the following facilities: Centennial Forum (LSC), Damen Student Center (LSC), and the Terry Student Center (WTC)



  • Open alcohol is strictly prohibited in the common areas of the Student Center facilities

  • Exceptions to this include Ireland’s (lower level) and event spaces that have a catered alcohol presence

  • The sale of alcohol is only to be tendered by Ireland’s staff in Ireland’s and LU’s Deli staff at LU’s Deli (Terry Student Center). All other event spaces within the Student Center facilities must have their alcohol catered by an approved third party vendor

  • Patrons found with open containers of alcohol within the Student Center facilities will be asked to dispose of the contents and will be subjected to further penalties through the university (i.e. Campus Safety, OSCCR)

  • Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by Student Complex administration

Animals on Campus

This policy specifies the requirements for the presence of Guide Animals, Trained Assistance Animals (TAA), Emotional Support Animanls (ESA), and Pet Animals on all Loyola campuses. This policy also addresses behavioral requirements for all members of the LUC community regarding these animals. Learn more about the Animals on Campus Policy


  • All announcements made within the Student Center facilities (Damen Student Center, Terry Student Center,Centennial Forum) must be approved by Student Center administration

  • This includes announcements regarding event updates and information, crowd control, and any public announcement meant to gain the attention of the general audience,etc.

  • All event related announcements for programs occurring in the Damen Student Center Atrium/Terry Student Center main lobby must be shared with Student Complex administration prior to the event

  • Damen Student Center staff and administration reserve the right to discontinue announcement privileges as a result of not following this policy or due to the content of the announcement being deemed as inappropriate and/or disruptive to the day to day operations of the Student Complex. Examples of inappropriate content include, but are not limited to: derogatory/racial gestures or statements, inciting violent behavior or stampedes, action statements interfering with Campus Safety,etc. 


  • Student Center student/professional staff is able to assist with basic A/V needs and the use of any and all equipment in the event of it not working properly. Treatment of the equipment will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization and fees may be assessed to the group as a result of equipment being damaged, stolen, lost, etc.

  • The use of Student Center AV equipment outside of the Student Centers is strictly regulated. Groups that are interested in using Student Centers’ equipment outside of the Student Centers must receive prior written approval from the Director of Student Centers. All requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE GAMING SYSTEMS.

  • Audio from personal devices (i.e. cell phones, tablets, TV’s) should not be loud enough to be heard by others in the facilities unless these devices are used in a closed space.

  • Exceptions can be made for events in public spaces (i.e. Damen Student Center Atrium)

ADA Accommodations

  • Every effort will be made to accommodate people with disabilities and those individuals that operate in wheelchairs

  • Each of the entrances to Student Center facilities are ADA accessible and further accommodations can be met upon request

  • The Damen Student Center does have access to one wheelchair that can be used upon request to Student Center administration


Bicycles, Skates, Rollerblades, Scooters, and Skateboards

  • The riding of bicycles in the Student Center facilities is strictly prohibited

  • Patrons must walk their bicycles through the facilities or lock them up at designated bicycle locking stations located outside of the facilities

  • Campus Safety officers and other forms of Campus Police are exempt from this policy in the event that they must ride their bicycles as a means to function in their role

Building Hours

  • The facility hours of Student Center facilities are set to provide maximum service to meet the needs of the university community. Building hours are based on the following criteria:

    • Academic calendar including quarter breaks, summer sessions,  and residence hall openings and closing.

    • Dining services

    • University and National holidays

  • Facility hours are always posted within all of the facilities and on the Student Centers’ web-site.

  • Extending Building Hours/Recommendations:

    • Requests for an extension of building hours can be made directly to Student Center administration.

    • Groups (student organizations and university departments) will be charged for any additional staffing needed to extend facility hours.

    • Campus Safety charges $30 per hour to have an officer in any Student Center facilities for after hour purposes.


Camera and Video Recording

  • Filming in the Student Center facilities is only allowed with proper clearance from Student Complex administration.

  • Internal departments (University Marketing and Communications, etc.) must notify Student Complex administration with their intention to film in the facilities at least 1 week in advance of recording

  • The University’s staff photographer can fulfill photo requests for both print and Web use, which includes providing available photos to faculty and staff that need images of campus, student life, special events, etc.

  • All students must give verbal and/or written consent to be video recorded

Cancellations (event related)

  • Campus Reservations asks for university departments and student organizations to cancel any event within 24 hours prior to the event

  • In the event, that a group does not hold an event without properly cancelling it, they will be subject to sanctions by Campus Reservations and/or Student Center staff

Campus Posting

No postings should be posted on a painted, glass, wooden, or finished surface. Any posting that cannot be immediately or easily removed is prohibited. Learn more about Campus Posting Policy 1


  • Loyola University Chicago’s preferred caterer is Aramark (Dining Services). For an event held within Student Center facilities, please contact Loyola’s Catering Department at 773.508.6035.

  • Groups are welcome to use an outside vendor for their event. Please make sure that any and all food is cleaned up after the event.

  • All groups that have food and beverage at their event in Student Center facilities are responsible for making sure that the room is cleaned of all trash and extra food items after an event regardless whether it was a catered event or not. If a room is not cleaned after an event, the appropriate fees will be assessed and future reservations may be affected.

Chalking Campus Policy

Chalking is prohibited by anyone on any campus with the exception of University Facilities, Maintenance Personnel or Campus Safety for emergency/disaster notification purposes. Read more about Chalking Campus Policy


  • Children under the age of 13 years of age should not be left unattended in the Student Center facilities

  • Children (including those of university staff and faculty) are not permitted to reserve equipment in the Student Center facilities. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by Student Center administration.


  • Groups using the Student Center facilities are expected to maintain the general cleanliness of the room which they are using (lobby areas included).

  • All rooms (with the exception of set up) should be left in the condition in which they were set. This includes throwing away garbage, papers, and catering items.

  • Please contact University housekeeping for more trash receptacles or extra trash bags. Student Center staff can call them directly. CUERP may also be contacted for any additional recycling receptacles for your event.

  • In order to maintain a safe and clean environment for all people in our facilities, all guests are expected to properly dispose of their trash in the proper trash receptacles. Improper disposal of trash can lead to pests and unsightly environments.

Community Standards (Code of Conduct)

  • The Student Center facilities support the University’s Community Standards and the Student Promise (care for self, care for others, care for community)

  • Any student found in violation of the University’s Community Standards handbook while in Student Center facilities, will be documented and have their information sent to the Office for Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR)

  • Please consult the Community Standards handbook for more information


  • No cooking is allowed the Student Center facilities outside of the food service that has been approved to cook in the facilities (Dining Services, Loyola Limited)

  • Any exceptions (i.e. event related) need to be approved by Student Complex administration



  • All deliveries to the Student Center facilities must be delivered to the individual office that resides within the facility

  • The Damen Student Center and/or Terry Student Center Information Desks cannot serve as the designated mail room for deliveries

  • In the event that the delivery cannot be made to the individual office within the facility, deliveries may be made to the Information Desks who will arrange for the package to be delivered

  • No deliveries for the larger campus proper can be made to the Information Desks within the Student Center facilities unless approvals have been given by Student Center administration (i.e. Special Event deliveries, etc.)

Donation Boxes/Drives

  • Space for collecting donations can be requested through the Student Centers administration. These requests are limited to student organizations and university departments. *Please note that this will be strictly regulated going forward in our facilities

  • If boxes are overflowing with donated materials, Student Center staff reserves the right to relocate donated materials and donation boxes. Unattended cash donation boxes are not allowed in the Student Center facilities.

  • The Student Center Information Desks will gladly support fundraising efforts by placing donation receptacles at the Information Desks. For safety purposes, these donations must be collected each night by a member of the sponsoring organization or department. In the event that they are not collected, Student Center staff will place all donations in their departmental safe.

Decorations (event)

  • No one is allowed to tape or affix decorations to any wall, railing, wood, metal, glass, paint, ceilings, floors, etc.

  • We ask that all balloons are disposed of immediately following an event.

  • Open flames are not permitted in Student Center facilities. All requests for open flame must be made in writing to Student Center administration for review.

  • All decorations must be completely removed and cleaned after an event. Failure to do so may result in a clean-up fee and may affect the status of any future reservations.

  • All decorations must be flame retardant.

  • The use of glue, thumbtacks, or adhesive on the walls, ceilings, frames, columns, or staging for attaching any materials is not permitted unless by special permission from Student Center administration.

  • The use of paint (outside of banner décor) is prohibited in Student Center facilities.

  • Smoke or fog machines are not permitted unless approval is gained from Student Center administration.

  • Suspending materials from the ceiling or light fixtures is prohibited, as are decorations, displays, or exhibits that require a flame.

  • All delivery of items is the responsibility of the organizers of the event and a designated individual from the event must be present to receive the delivery (see DELIVERIES)

Demonstrations and Protests

  • Students planning a demonstration should complete a demonstration registration form (available through OrgSync) and arrange a meeting with the Dean of Students office to discuss the details of their proposed event.

  • All demonstrations must use the designated demonstration zone on Loyola’s Lakeshore Campus. This zone is located on the north lawn in front of the Damen Student Center.

  • Participants in demonstrations are not permitted to:

    • Gather in such a fashion as to physically hinder entrances to, exits from, or walkways within Student Center facilities or hinder the natural flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic on or to the campus

    • Create a volume of noise that prevents members of the university community from carrying on their normal activities.

    • Congregate or assemble within Student Center facilities in such a fashion as to disrupt the facilities’ normal function.

    • Fail to observe Student Center facilities’ established building hours

  • In planning a demonstration, participants should keep in mind all regulations pertaining to the use of Student Center facilities as well as the rights of all members of the university community to move around Student Center facilities (including accessing entrances) in a free and unhindered manner.

  • The addition of firearms, ammunition, fireworks, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or weapons by any participant in a demonstration is explicitly prohibited.

Digital Signage

  • All digital screens in Student Center facilities are controlled by the university’s Marketing and Communications department (UMC). All requests to promote events, etc. must be made to UMC (312-915-6164).


Extension Cords

  • Student Center facilities maintain an inventory of extension cords

  • All cords must always be properly covered and taped to the floor so as to prevent tripping.

  • Power for outdoor areas must be requested at least 1 week in advance of an event. Facilities Management will serve, with Student Center staff, as the point of contact for this as it relates to outdoor space adjacent to the Student Complex. You may reach them at 773.508.2100.

  • A valid student/university ID is required to request an extension cord.

EMS Services

  • Campus Safety is the sole provider of EMS services within Student Center facilities

  • Student Center administration may determine, without the consent of an event organizer, that an event requires EMS services. In this event, Student Center administration will render payment for these services (if necessary)

  • Event organizers interested in acquiring EMS services for their events within Student Center facilities can contact Campus Safety directly or request services from Student Center administration


  • Loyola Facilities Management and Engineering departments control the use of elevators within the Student Center facilities and the greater campus

  • Please report all elevator issues to Student Center staff who will notify Facilities Management of the issue immediately

  • In the event that you are stuck in an elevator, please call for assistance using the RED emergency call button located within each elevator

  • In the event that an elevator is not functioning, please notify Student Center staff/administration immediately


Facility Reservations

  • The Campus-Reservation Web-Viewer (25Live) is the required method of requesting the use of space within Student Center facilities. Each student organization and university staff/faculty member has their own username and password to access 25Live.

  • All set up requests and A/V requests are to be outlined by the event group at least one week in advance. These requests can be made through 25Live or through contacting Student Center staff.

  • Student Center staff are responsible for the set-up of all events in Student Center facilities. This set up will be complete by the time the reservation begins. If advance set up is needed, please let Campus Reservations staff know and adjust this time in 25Live.

Family Restrooms

Film Screening

  • The screening of any copyrighted movie is illegal without obtaining the Public Performance Rights for the film. This policy pertains to all spaces within Student Center facilities.

  • 25Live may be used to request use of the Damen Student Center Cinema. Approvals of all requests are made by Student Center administration.;

  • Showing films as part of a class or for instructional purposes is allowed, and Performance Rights are not needed (face-to-face exemption).

Furniture and Room Set Up

  • Student Center furniture may be used at no charge to Loyola University Chicago recognized student organization and university departments.

  • Furniture is not permitted outside Student Center facilities unless given permission by Student Center administration.

  • If additional furniture is needed beyond what Student Center facilities have to offer, staff will try to obtain the equipment from university Housekeeping and/or Facilities Management. If these areas do not have what is needed, the equipment/furniture will have to be rented from an outside company. All costs for this additional equipment rental is the responsibility of the organization hosting the event.

  • The removal of permanent Student Center furniture from a space, such as dining tables, lounge furniture, etc. is prohibited.


Guest Services

  • Student Center facilities will make every reasonable accommodation for facility guests including prospective students and their families

  • Wireless internet access is NOT available for individuals with devices that are not registered to the Loyola wireless network. All requests for guest wireless access must be made to ITS at 4-4444 (campus phone)

  • Each student center facility has welcome centers (3 within Damen Student Center) available to assist guests with any needs they may have.


  • Gambling within Student Center facilities is strictly prohibited. Patrons found gambling within the facilities will be subject to Campus Safety action and if a student, subject to the Community Standards sanctions for that violation


  • Graffiti is not allowed on any interior or exterior surface of Student Center facilities. This includes chalk on sidewalks and other exterior surfaces of Student Center facilities.

  • If graffiti is discovered on interior or exterior surfaces of Student Center facilities, Campus Safety will be notified immediately and an investigation will occur.


Inclement Weather

  • If Loyola University Chicago closes due to inclement weather during a regularly scheduled University break or holiday, the Student Center facilities will NOT necessarily close. Student Complex administration, in conjunction with the university Human Resources staff will make the decision about facilities closing.

  • If Loyola University Chicago closes and classes are cancelled as a result due to inclement weather during regularly scheduled university times, the following will happen:

    • Student Centers professional staff (in conjunction with the Division of Student Development) will determine if Student Center facilities will be open

    • All dining areas will remain open for business

  • If weather conditions are so severe as to make conditions in DSC un-operative, Student Center administration will consult with Campus Safety and the VP of Student Development to make a decision on the hours of the facilities. All decisions will be made public to the university community.


  • All fire access corridors, mechanical/electrical rooms (including lobbies and staircases) are to be kept clear of storage, displays, and furniture.

  • No items may be stacked as to impede the egress path. Clear pathways shall be maintained at all times

  • Deliveries to the Student Center facilities must utilize facility loading dock areas as much as possible to avoid disrupting the egress of any Student Center facility


Keys and Locks

  • All student organizations which have office space within the Student Center facilities as well as Athletic teams have keys available to be checked out at the Damen Student Center Information Desk.

  • A university ID is required and you must be on the approved list to check out a key for an individual office.

  • Student Center staff is not responsible for lost keys that have been checked out to student organizations. In the event of a lost key, the student organization in question will be responsible for the ordering of and re-coring of keys and locks

  • All staff members with offices in Student Center facilities must notify Student Center administration of lost keys or requests to receive additional keys for their offices and suites.

  • Student Center staff will not open office doors for any individual. Requests to have office and suite doors open should be made to Campus Safety. Any exceptions to this must be approved by Student Center administration


Lost and Found

  • Lost and Found services are provided for items lost in Student Center facilities.

  • Student Center staff log all lost items indicating date, description of item, and staff initials of who logged the item

  • All cash items and items of value (over $50) that are turned in to Student Center information centers are held in their departmental safe for 24 hours. After that 24 hours, these amounts and items are given to Loyola Campus Safety.

  • University keys and ID’s are turned over to Campus Safety after 24 hours

  • Student Center facilities will not accept any items that are dangerous, explosive, living, or illegal

  • Student Center facilities cannot hold any items for any person for any reason. Exceptions to this must be approved by Student Center administration.

  • All items (less than $50 value) turned in to the Student Center facilities will be held for a period of two weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks, all items are donated to the Salvation Army.

  • Student Center staff will make every attempt to email individuals if they can identify a name on a lost ID, U-Pass, textbook, etc. given that the individual is in the Loyola University Chicago email directory.



  • The sale of illegal or stolen merchandise is strictly prohibited

  • All requests for outside vendors to sell items within Student Center facilities must be made in writing to Student Center administration

  • Student Center administration reserves the right to remove any vendor from the facilities if the product for sale does not adhere to Loyola University Chicago standards

  • Outside vendors (unless a part of a university sponsored event) are not allowed to sell any item in Student Center facilities without the approval of Student Complex administration

Mobility Devices

  • Bicycles, mopeds, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, skates, motorcycles, or vehicles of any kind are strictly prohibited in Student Center facilities

  • Exceptions will be made for people with disabilities that require motorized vehicles to move around

  • Sidewalks, entrances, passages, corridors, hallways, elevators, and stairwells should not be obstructed by mobility devices of any kind


  • All of the music played in the common area of the Student Center facilities must be approved by Student Center administration. This includes music played for special events and other occasions

  • All music must be censored and free of any negative content that may negatively affect a patrons experience in the facility

  • Amplified sound (outside of general facility music) is not permitted unless approval is given from Student Center administration


Noise Makers

  • Noise makers of any kind are strictly prohibited in the Student Center facilities. Any exceptions must be approved by Student Center administration


Open Flame

  • Open flames within the Student Center facilities is prohibited unless approval by Student Center administration.

  • Exceptions may be given for religious events and programs and catered events (heat)

  • In the event of approval of open flame, groups must make every reasonable attempt to conceal the flame in a safe way (height, width, location of flame)

Outdoor Posting

  • Only recognized and sponsored student organizations and university departments have the ability to place signage outside of Student Center facilities.

  • Signs must promote a specific program. No general announcements will be allowed.

  • Any sign must be presentable and legible. Definition of “presentable and legible” will be made by Student Center administration.

  • No signage placed in front of any Student Center facility may block ingress or egress to any facility.

  • Student Center staff is not responsible for any sign that is damaged, removed, defaced, or discarded.

  • Student Center staff reserves the right to remove any sign at any time.

Outdoor Spaces

  • The Halas Sports Center manages and maintains all outdoor space adjacent to the Student Center facilities. Reservation requests of these spaces must be made via 25Live. Student Complex administration have final approval for the use of all outdoor spaces within the Student Complex.



  • When planning or attending an event in Student Center facilities, all guests must park in accordance with University parking policies available from Loyola University Chicago Parking Services. These policies can be found at: www.luc.edu/parking

  • Loyola has 2 main parking garages (Lake Shore Campus) and several options at the Water Tower Campus that charge a daily rate. There is also permit street parking that is available at certain times of the day.

  • No parking is permitted in the loading dock areas or on campus unless it has received the approval of Student Center administration and/or Campus Safety.

  • Student Center staff is not responsible for any vehicle left unattended, as well as any items in a vehicle or tickets issued to a driver of a vehicle left in an unauthorized campus area.


  • All fliers must be approved by Student Center staff. Student Centers staff can take 2 fliers for events sponsored by Loyola affiliated organizations and 1 flyer for non-Loyola sponsored events.

  • Fliers will be stamped and approved for 2 weeks at a time.

  • The responsibility of posting fliers on designated boards within Student Center facilities is on the group. Any flyer found that is a.)not approved, or b.)hanging in a non-designated area will be removed and discarded.

  • Fliers may not exceed 11 x 17 in size unless approved by Student Center administration.

  • Fliers must contain the name of the sponsoring club, organization or department.

  • All suspicious content must be approved by Student Center staff and administration. Content may not include any references, either direct or indirect, to alcohol, profanity, or anything that violates university Community Standards. Any exception related to student group events with alcohol must be approved in advance by Student Center administration and must adhere with the Community Standards.

  • Student Center staff is not responsible for any fliers that are torn down, damaged or defaced.

  • Student Center staff reserves the right to remove and discard any posted or submitted flyer at any time without notice.

  • Any exception to these policies must be made in writing to Student Center administration.

Private Property Care

  • The university cannot accept responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of monies, valuables, or personal property while the individual is in use of our facilities.

  • The protection of personal property is the individual’s responsibility.

  • Individuals are encouraged to obtain insurance on property and possessions brought into university facilities.

  • Books, backpacks, and other personal items should not be left unattended in meeting rooms within the Student Complex facilities.

  • Persons are encouraged to report any theft to Campus Safety as soon as possible.

Prohibited Items

  • Items that jeopardize safety, facility, event, and/or program enjoyment are strictly prohibited. These items include, but are not limited to:

    • Aerosol Cans

    • Air Horns

    • Alcoholic Beverages (outside of designated area)

    • Animals (except for people with disabilities)

    • Wine Skins

    • Bullhorns

    • Confetti Guns or Cannons (unless approved by Student Center administration)

    • Fireworks

    • Firearms or Weapons

    • Knives

    • Illegal Drugs

    • Skateboards, Rollerblades, Bicycles, Skates

  • Student Center administration reserves the right to remove any items in violation of this policy and security guidelines.

  • Exceptions must be approved by Student Center administration

Property Damage

  • All groups using Student Center spaces are responsible for any and all damages in the facility resulting from their event or activity. Student Center administration and the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution reserve the right to bill any organization or department for damages or losses resulting from using or misuse of the facilities.

  • Suspending materials from the ceiling or light fixtures is prohibited, as are decorations, displays or exhibits that require flames.

  • Student Center staff does not assume responsibility for damage to or loss of any materials left behind by a group.

  • Paint, especially spray paint, is prohibited in Student Center facilities. Exceptions must be approved by Student Center administration.

  • See also “decorations”


Regulations and Safety

  • The sponsoring organization/department of an event hosted in Student Center facilities is responsible for both the safety of persons attending and for returning the rooms back to their original condition.

  • Alteration to the permanent structure of spaces (including walls, ceilings, seating, floors, window treatments, fixtures, screens, and electricity) is not permitted. Any damage costs will be charged to the group at the replacement/repair cost.

  • Aisle ways must be kept clear at all times during programs. Seating and standing in aisle ways during a program is a violation of fire codes.

  • Exits must open readily and be accessible at all times. During the period of use, no required exit door may be fastened so that the door cannot be opened from the outside

  • No doors may be covered in paper so as to limit the visual access for safety concerns

  • No access to the back hallways or kitchen areas will be granted to anyone other than authorized personnel.


  • Student Center staff is only responsible for the set ups and reservations for events taking place in Student Center Facilities. 

  • All meetings, programs, events, tabling, and acts of demonstration must take every effort to reserve space via 25Live for their activity in order to receive staffing support and/or utilize resources (both staffing support and resources are typically divided among reserved spaces and programs). Exceptions can be made via contacting the Student Center administration.

  • To request space in Student Center facilities, please place your reservation through 23Live. Student Center staff does have final approval for any event that is requesting to use space within its facilities (in conjunction with Campus Reservations).

  • Making the reservation request through 25Live does not translate to the confirmation of the space. Campus Reservations and/or Student Center staff will send an official conformation to each group regarding the use of Student Center space.


  • The Student Center facilities all have accessible restroom facilities located on each floor of their respective buildings. The one exception is the Terry Student Center (Water Tower Campus) that has a restroom located on the 3rd floor which is reserved for use by Campus Recreation-Fitness Studio members. Restrooms can be accessed on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Terry Student Center. 

  • There is a gender neutral restroom available both at the Damen Student Center (1st floor) and the Terry Student Center (1st Floor). 

  • There is a lactation room for nursing mothers located within the Damen Student Center (3rd floor).To gain access to this space, people must visit the Damen Student Center Central Information Desk to be escorted to the space. Because of its location, this room is only accessible between the hours of 8:30AM-5PM, Monday-Friday. 



  • University Campus Safety serves as the primary method of safety for Student Center facilities.

  • All emergencies and evacuation procedures for the Student Center facilities are made in conjunction with Campus Safety administration.

  • Campus Safety is responsible for the opening/closing of facilities and make final decisions (in conjunction with Student Center administration) as to who is allowed in Student Center facilities.

Sign & Banner Posting

  • No sign and/or advertisement should be attached to walls, glass, windows, floors, elevators, etc.

  • No sign should be painted on any Student Center facilities, hallways, elevators, staircases, and entrances (see “graffiti”).

  • All signage outside of the permanent facility signage within Student Center facilities must be approved by Student Center administration. These signs include vinyl banners, sandwich boards, easels, white boards, poster board, and fliers (see “posting”).


  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in Student Center facilities. This includes e-cigarettes.

  • Smoking is not permitted within 15 feet of the entrance to any Student Center facility in accordance with state law.


  • No loitering, trespassing, soliciting/peddling, resale of tickets, selling of unauthorized/stolen merchandise is allowed in Student Center facilities.

  • Any exception to this policy must be approved by Student Center administration.


  • Student Center staff will not be responsible for any damage, theft, or loss of any items left or stored in the facilities.

  • Student Center facilities have very limited storage. No meeting rooms or event spaces will reserved for the sole purpose of storage.

  • The storage or setup of items in these rooms must be removed at the end of the event, unless arranged differently with Student Center staff.

  • There is no storage space for departments housed in Student Center facilities outside of their individual office suites (unless approved by Student Center administration).

  • Mechanical rooms MAY NOT be used as storage space.


Table Tents

  • All table tents (promotion) must be removed by Student Center administration.

  • Only recognized student organizations, university departments may request the ability to post table information in Student Center facilities.

  • Table information must be brought to Student Center administration for approval

  • Any material not approved will be discarded.


  • All tailgate events must be requested through 25Live in conjunction with Student Center approval (if happening in non-reservable space)

  • Ireland’s (Lake Shore Campus) and The Den (Lake Shore Campus) are the preferred locations for tailgating before Athletic contents

  • Tailgating requests for space in the Damen Student Center Atrium, Centennial Forum lobby, and/or any other common area of the Student Center facilities must be approved by Student Complex administration.

Ticket Policies

  • Registered Student Organizations and University Departments have the ability to sell tickets using Student Center POS services (Rec-Trac)

  • Groups must fill out a ticket distribution form via OrgSync with Student Activities and Greek Affairs. This form must be filled out and submitted with the tickets to be sold prior to tickets going on sale.

  • Ticket Distribution Forms must be submitted 6 business days prior to the first date of distribution. Tickets must be submitted to Student Activities & Greek Affairs 3 days prior to first date of distribution.

  • Please allow up to 2–3 business days for the ticket information to be processed, entered into the DSC ticket system, and for DSC to let their staff know the event is on sale, etc.

  • Any tickets submitted to the Student Center Information Desks that do not comply with the 2–3 business day policy will be refused and will not go on sale.

  • Groups should not advertise when tickets are on sale unless they know for certain that tickets have been acquired and you have given the Information Desk the 2–3 days advanced notice. No tickets will be sold until we have had time to load them into our system and notify staff of the sale.

  • Groups MUST include their contact information (email preferred) on the form in order for your request to be processed. Please note that this event contact information may be given out to anyone that has questions about the event that we cannot adequately answer.

  • Groups MUST indicate whether the event is being funded by the SAF (Student Activity Fund) in order for your request to be processed. Providing this information will ensure that we know where ticket sale funds can  be transferred to after we sell them

  • Groups should allow 5–7 business days after an event has done selling tickets for a transfer to occur. If this process needs to be expedited, please contact Student Center administration.

  • Please remember to come by the Information Desks to pick up any remaining tickets after ticket sales are complete. Tickets left more than 5 days will be discarded by Student Center staff.

  • No refunds will be given from any Information Desk for any event that gets cancelled, etc. All refunds will be managed by SAGA. Please contact Student Center administration to obtain any funds that may need to be used in the case of a cancelled trip or event.

  • A group may contact Student Center administration for any updates on the status of any sale.



  • The Damen Student Center and Terry Student Center Information Desks handle the on-going distribution of all U-Passes for the Lake Shore Campus and Water Tower Campus respectively.

  • Once the pass is in the hands of the student, Loyola no longer assumes responsibility of the pass working unless there is an issue with an individual students’ academic status.

  • All error codes not related to Loyola are the responsibility of CTA and students may communicate these issues with CTA personnel.

  • Loyola coordinates all late issued passes, and any and all late issued passes arrive at Loyola each day between noon and 5 p.m.

  • The Damen Student Center and Terry Student Center Information Desk processes all replacement pass inquiries. ONLY Rambler Bucks may be used for replacement pass purchasing

  • More information can be found at www.luc.edu/upass


Vendors (outside solicitation)

  • All vendors not associated with Loyola University Chicago must receive approval to table within Student Center facilities.

  • No credit card solicitors are allowed in Student Center facilities.

  • Each vendor (if approved) may only reserve one 6 foot table at a time.

  • No additional equipment will be provided to Student Center vendors. No A/V equipment will be provided.

  • All extension cords must be secured to the ground as to prevent a tripping hazard.

  • No aggressive sales tactics will be allowed. Vendors must stay in the designated table area.

  • No “for-profit” vendors reserve space in the Student Center facilities.  Any vendor that is asking for money to exchange hands will not be allowed in Student Center facilities.

  • Vendors understand that Student Centers and Loyola University Chicago reserve the right to immediately stop the use of a vendor table or exhibit, or to restrict the future vendor usage of any vendor who fails to comply with terms of an agreement or the values set forth by Loyola University Chicago (i.e. dress, content, etc.). No refunds will be given in these instances.



  • The possession of, use or storage of any firearm, ammunition, explosive device, or other deadly weapon in any form is prohibited on any Loyola owned or operated facility.  The only exception to this policy are weapons carried by police officers.

  • “Weapons” include, but are not limited to, martial arts weapons, knives, bows and arrows, air guns, shot guns, BB guns, paintball guns, rifles, pistols, and any other weapon that has the ability to cause bodily harm.

  • Any faculty, staff, contracted staff, or student determined to have violated this policy is subject to disciplinary action.

Window Postings/Coverings

  • Groups using Student Center facilities may at no time place, tape, glue, tack or support anything that blocks a window, doorway or entrance way.

  • No signs, unless given the approval of Student Center administration, can be taped to any window that is not part of an office suite (i.e. main DSC doors).

  • Failure to comply will result in cancellation of their use of Student Center facilities.

Wireless Laptop Services

  • An inventory of laptops is available for Student Center events and meetings. Laptops may only be used for the purpose of the meeting or event inside Student Center facilities.

  • Laptops for use in Student Center facilities may not leave the Student Complex. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by Student Center administration

  • A replacement fee of $1200.00 will be charged if laptops are not secured after an event.

  • Illegal downloading of music, video, and any other copyrighted electronic material is prohibited.

  • Wireless access is available to outside visitors only if the sponsoring event has requested and acquired a wireless username and password from ITS. These are the responsibility of the sponsoring event (if visitor is a member of an event attendance).