Loyola University Chicago

Damen Student Center

Student Complex

Sustainability Efforts

Since its opening in April 2013, the Arnold J. Damen, S.J. Student Center has transformed the campus culture of Loyola University Chicago. A certified LEED Silver facility, the Damen Student Center features a lot of sustainability features that allow it to function using a minimal amount of resources. Additionally, the space was very environmentally sound starting with its construction process from May 2011-April 2013. While the building is visited by close to 1 million people each year, the building maintains its sustainable efforts through a variety of new initiatives that keep up with industry trends. Here are a few of those efforts:

  • High efficiency fixtures help reduce the Damen Student Center's water use by up to 30%

  • 50% of the Damen Student Center roof is devoted to green space to provide insulation and absorb rain

  • Heat island roof design with low albedo

  • The Damen Student Center features an 80 foot by 40 foot skylight to help brighten the facility and drive down energy costs

  • Natural ventilation throughout the Damen Student Center keeps air conditioning use to a minimum (underground trench)

  • During the 22 month construction process from May 2011 thru April 2013, 75% of the building waste was diverted from landfills

  • The facility relied heavily on using LEED materials during construction. 20% of the materials used in construction came from recycled content. 10% of these materials were processed and manufactured regionally. 

  • All lights and energy systems for all of the meeting rooms, offices, and common spaces are on a sensor that notices when there is no movement in a room (LUTRON SYSTEM)

  • Day-light harvesting