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The Graduate School

FAQs: Format Check and Final Copies

Yes, format checks are REQUIRED for all theses and dissertations. Your degree will not be conferred without a successful format check and submission of an acceptable copy.

An appointment for a format check is not necessary; although the format check is required, most of the correspondence can happen through email. We strongly recommend that you attend a formatting workshop (scheduled twice per semester) for in-person assistance with any questions you may have.

No. We only accept copies for format check as electronic submissions to the Graduate School's electronic submission site (ETD). Students must electronically submit new versions, using their same ETD account, each time that corrections are made. 

Students should upload a complete manuscript, including all front and back matter, tables, and figures as a PDF to the Graduate School's electronic submission site: http://www.etdadmin.com/luc. The manuscript should be formatted according to the directions in the manual.  Students should also submit reliable contact information including a functioning email address.

When you upload your PDF, a draft is saved to the online submission site. It will seem very "final" as the site asks you to choose publication preferences, but don't worry: only the Graduate School can send your submission to ProQuest for publication. Your dissertation/thesis will only be sent to ProQuest after the Graduate School has confirmed completion of ALL requirements for degree conferral. The draft undergoes an electronic format check. Only administrators in the Graduate School are able to view your submission. 

No - make sure you complete all the steps required to "submit" your thesis/dissertation - EVEN FOR FORMAT CHECK. This ensures that the Graduate School staff will receive notification of your submission. You will be able to revise and resubmit a final copy later.

This is one portion that ProQuest will not let you modify in the future. You will not be able to revisit this step when you submit your final copy without creating a new ETD account. 

Students will be contacted via email regarding the results of their format checks.  They will also receive important information about final copies and required forms that are to accompany them.  It is important that students check their email regularly, including their LUC email account, before calling to ask about their results.

No.  Students should have completed, but need not have defended.  Students should allow adequate time after their defense to make changes, gather signatures, and upload the final electronic copy to the Graduate School by the appropriate deadline.

The Approval Sheet must have your director's signature, and will be submitted as a scanned PDF, along with the formatted abstract and a formatted title page, to your ETD account as supplementary files. Approval sheets should be submitted on or before the final submission deadline. 

The Approval Ballot for Text and Oral Defense must be signed by each member of the committee, although students with special situations can submit a Xerox copy of the signatures

The approval sheet is a student-created form, formatted according to the guidelines outlined in the Format Manual for Theses and Dissertations. A scanned copy of this form, bearing committee signatures, must be submitted to the Graduate School on the same deadline as the final electronic copy.

The Approval Ballot for Text and Oral Defense can be found on the Graduate School's website at .  A signature from each committee member is required, although students with special situations can submit a Xerox copy of the signatures.

One set of instructions are for materials to be included within the manuscript itself.  The other set of instructions are for extra materials to be submitted along with the manuscript. The stand-alone version of your abstract requires its own header; and the stand-alone version of your title page will include the name of your director.

Extra copies can be ordered from UMI/ProQuest or from the University Library. Ordering from the library is less expensive and quicker, but you must provide a copy of the manuscript.  Further information about each is included with the results of the student's format check.

Students who wish to order copies of their manuscripts may do so from ProQuest after final copies have been uploaded and approved.

The final electronic copy is held by Loyola's library (through Proquest) as an open-access copy. 

An additional abstract is used by UMI to create Dissertation Abstracts International, a research database.  Students should think of their abstract as a published document and treat it accordingly.

Data provided on NORC forms become part of a large-scale database.  Student's individual information is confidential.

Extra title pages are used by the Graduate School to ensure that the correct number of copies are received, that the copies are distributed correctly, and that information on the student's transcript is correct.

Several weeks after the deadline to submit final copies, an email will be sent to students who applied for graduation with a link to the exit survey.