Loyola University Chicago

The Graduate School

Graduate Student Advisory Council

Mission Statement

  1. To act as the voice of the graduate student body by facilitating communication between the students, faculty, and administration
  2. To encourage greater interaction between graduate students across all campuses through social events and an interdisciplinary conference
  3. To assist graduate students both academically and financially by acting as a source of grants and funding
  4. To promote service within the university as well as throughout our surrounding communities, as part of our commitment to the Jesuit traditions of Loyola University

Students should contact their departmental representative with any questions or concerns that they have.

GSAC Constitution 2021

Executive Board & Department Representatives


Executive Board 
President Tori Olson  
Vice President Krislyn Zhorne  
Treasurer Lillian Platten   
Secretary Elisa D'Amico  
University Senate Representative Jon Okstad  
GPAC Representative Danny Blough   

Departmental Representatives

Applied Social Psychology (MA, PhD) Asura Osborne
Applied Statistics (MS) Jason Proctor   
Bioethics and Health Policy (MA, DBe)    
Bioinformatics (MS)  
Biology (MS) Jess Lindberg 
Chemistry and Biochemistry (MS, PhD) Emma Kelley  
Child Development (PhD)  
Clinical Psychology (PhD) Susana Sosa
Community Counseling (MA)  
Computer Science (MS) John Mikos   
Counseling Psychology (PhD) Yiyu Cheng  
Criminal Justice (MA) Cristina Penate   
Cultural & Educational Policy Studies (MA, PhD)    
Developmental Psychology (PhD) Zahra Naqi
Digital Humanities (MA)    
English (MA, PhD) Brittany May  
Higher Education (PhD)    
Hispanic Studies (MA) Cat Wassilak 
History (MA, PhD) Anthony Stamilio   
Infectious Disease and Immunology (MS)  
Information Technology (MS) Islamiat Muhammed 
Integrated Program in Biomedical Sciences (IPBS)  
Mathematics (MS)    
Medical Sciences (MA)    
Nursing (PhD)    
Philosophy (MA, PhD) Rhea Ienni   
Political Science (MA, PhD) Meg Larson   
Public History (MA, PhD)    
Public Policy (MPP)  
Research Methodology Education (MA, PhD)  
School Psychology (PhD) Shanna Chakkalakel   
Social Work (PhD)    
Sociology (MA, PhD) Julie Szamocki   
Software Technology (MS) Erik Pautsch 
Theology (MA, PhD) Megan Wines  
Urban Affairs (MA)  
Women’s Studies & Gender Studies (MA)    

If you have any questions or would like to serve in an open position, please send an e-mail to GSAC@luc.edu. You can also visit us on Facebook and Twitter.