Loyola's student chapter of The Association of Trial Lawyers of America seeks to further the goals of ATLA through student participation in activities designed to deepen the understanding and skills of students interested in a career as a trial lawyer.

Trial lawyers represent people who have been injured, discriminated against, or harmed in other ways through the negligence of others. As a trial lawyer, your clients might include:

  • A child paralyzed after being struck by a drunk driver
  • A young woman unable to have children because of a medical mistake
  • A minority denied a promotion due to racial discrimination
  • An elderly man mistreated in a nursing home
  • A community whose water was made toxic by a local manufacturer

In addition to working for the plaintiff, or injured person, trial lawyers also sometimes handle criminal defense cases.

If you love a challenge, thrive under pressure, enjoy arguing for what you know is right-and desire professional success, then consider a career as a trial lawyer. Many trial lawyers become members of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA). The world's largest trial bar, ATLA has 60,000 members and offers many resources for its members such as networking and education. ATLA also fights legislation that threatens the right of people to have a jury trial or takes away the legal rights of American families.

For more information on the affiliated organization: justice.org.