Faculty Advisor: Kristin Finn

2019-2020 Executive Board:

President: Shivani Rishi - srishi@luc.edu

Vice President: Alex Spognardi - aspognardi@luc.edu

Secretary: Karrie Virgin - kvirgin@luc.edu

Treasurer: Rachel Spence - rspence@luc.edu

Director of Programming: Libby Meadows - mmeadows1@luc.edu

Diversity & Inclusion Chair: Madison Heckel - mheckel@luc.edu

The purpose of the Women's Law Society (WLS) is to educate students on issues that are of concern to women and to develop programming that addresses those issues. WLS promotes communication between students and the legal community through a variety of activities, including fundraisers, mentoring programs and guest lectures. Members have the opportunity to coordinate events, volunteer their services to benefit the community, as well as interact with members of the legal community.

WLS welcomes new members anytime throughout the year. Please contact a member of the Board for further details.