MLSA serves to bring a greater awareness and understanding to the political, cultural, and legal issues concerning the religion of Islam, and Muslims in America. MLSA has many academic, career and social resources available to its members.

MLSA is also fortunate to offer the guidance, advice and support of the Muslim chaplain, Professor Omer Mozaffar, located in Damen Student Center at the Lakeshore Campus. Email omozaffar@luc.edu to set up an appointment!

Student Prayers: Law students can access the prayer rooms on the 4th floor library. Please reach out to the executive board members for information on how to locate and access the room. Loyola University Chicago also offers Friday prayers at the Lakeshore Campus. Details will be posted on the MLSA Instagram page (@loyolachicago.mlsa).

2021-2022 Executive Board

Co-President: Farisa Khan 
Co-President: Qayyum Ali 
Secretary: Nada Khatib 

Faculty Advisors:
Dean Giselle Santibanez Bania
Professor Omer Mozaffar (Muslim Chaplain)