The Sport and Entertainment Law Society (SELS) at Loyola seeks to serve those that want to learn about and discuss the latest legal news in the sports and entertainment industries. By creating a community of students and professionals in these fields, SELS is a vehicle to create awareness of opportunities and events in the Chicago area.

Executive Board

Co-President:Bryan Bott, BBott@luc.edu

Co-President: Caitlyn Schaffer, Cshaffer2@luc.edu

Vice-President: JP Remijas, Jremijas1@luc.edu

Vice-President: Alex Angyalosy

PR Chair: Kennedy Jones, Kjones39@luc.edu

Treasurer: Amy Schlagel, aschlagel@luc.edu



SELS sponsors and co-sponsors several speakers and discussion panels each semester. These events bring together Loyola law students to learn from and network with practicing members of the sports and entertainment industries. Additionally, the chapter at Loyola works in collaboration to support different charitable activities each year.

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