Our Mission:

The purpose of the Weekend JD Law Students Association (WJDLSA) is to the student-led organization dedicated to representing and advocating for the WJD program at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, ensuring equity and fostering a sense of belonging among students. The WJD LSA amplifies the unique value WJD students bring to Loyola, fostering cohesive engagement between WJD cohorts, full-time students, faculty, and administration, promoting a unified academic environment, an enriching law school experience, and robust advocacy efforts. Exclusively designed by and for WJD students, the organization offers a unique collaborative experience and stands as the primary voice advocating for the specific needs and representation of WJD students at Loyola. 

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Membership Information

  • Law students enrolled in the WJD Program are automatically apart of WJDLSA. If you a transfer student from another institution or from the Full-Time Program, please contact us to be added to WJDLSA support pages.

Collaborating for Events Information

  • We encourage organizations and legal specialists to consider sharing their knowledge with WJD students, especially if they were enrolled in the part-time program themselves. We also greatly appreciate the generosity of those who choose to support the WJD program financially, guaranteeing its future success. Those interested can contact our Director of Events, Meg Kerscher-Walsh (mkerscherwalsh@luc.edu)

Faculty Advisor: Dean Strang (dstrang@luc.edu)

2023-2024 Executive Board:

2023-2024 Class Representatives: