Art Law Society at Loyola strives to introduce students to the field of art law and to promote an understanding of the vast intersection between the arts and the law. Art Law is made up of many different parts of the law, including parts of contract law, business law, international law, litigation and intellectual property, as well as many others. Art Law Society will introduce students to the range of opportunity in the field which can look like anything from representing clients that are artists, to general counsel for a major museum, to international transactional law for private collectors, to working with auction houses such as Christie's and Sotheby's, and more. Art Law Society at Loyola seeks to provide a forum for the contemplation and discussion of potential improvements to the art community’s understanding of the law, and the legal community’s understanding of the art industry, serving as an outlet for members to execute these ideas. To facilitate this, Art Law Society will bring guest speakers to the law school to inform members about different areas of Art Law, incorporating legal issues that persist in the creative, visual, and performing arts, as well as issues regarding cultural heritage law.

2022-2023 Executive Board:
President: Anna Lazzaro 
Vice President: Caroline Bender
Director of Events: Meredith Wickenheiser

Faculty Advisor: Anne-Marie Rhodes

All are welcome! To join, please fill out this form, or email us at artlawsociety@luc.edu and you will be added to our sakai page. Thank you!

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