Faculty Advisor: Anne-Marie Rhodes

Art Law is a new and emerging field of the law involving many different types of art, as well as many different types of law. It ranges from general counsel for a major museum, to international transactional law for private collectors, to pro bono work for "starving" artists and working with auction houses such as Christie's and Sotheby's. Art Law is made up of many different parts of the law, including parts of contract law, business law, international law, litigation and intellectual property, as well as many others. It can also include representing clients that are artists. The Art Law Society at Loyola brings guest speakers to the law school to inform members about different areas of Art Law. The list of possible speakers includes curators from local museums, representatives of local auction houses, attorneys for private collectors and litigators doing pro bono work for artists. The Art Law Society will also host visits to local museums, galleries, and stage productions around Chicago.