Purpose: The purpose of DLSC at LUC Law is to foster a community for disabled law students and allies, to increase accessible legal education, and to develop a network of disabled law school graduates. The DLSC aspires to champion a social model of disability through education, accountability, and advocacy among students, faculty, and administration. The DLSC intentionally used disability-first language as a political statement reclaiming disabled identity from harmful medical- and functional models of disability.

Join on Sakai: https://sakai.luc.edu/portal/site/c7f00dc8-9457-4b5a-b72b-3b43efc2258a

Instagram: @disabledlawstudentcollective

Invitations to Collaborate: We encourage organizations and legal specialists passionate about Disability and Law to consider sharing their knowledge with DLSC students. We also greatly appreciate the generosity of those who choose to support the DLSC program financially, guaranteeing its future success. Those interested can contact our President Anna Patton, at apatton2@luc.edu.

2023-2024 Board of Directors:

President: Anna Patton (apatton2@luc.edu)
Vice-President: Philip Cramer (pcramer@luc.edu)
Secretary: Maya Firestone (mfirestone@luc.edu)
Treasurer: Jelena Ostojic (jostojic@luc.edu)
DLSC Advisor: Kate Mitchell (kmitchell9@luc.edu)