Our Mission:

The purpose of the Air and Space Law Society (ASLS) is to educate and bring awareness to the numerous areas of the aerospace industry that require legal professionals with expertise, including airport real estate and land acquisition, equipment finance and leasing, cargo, consumer protection, drones and airspace regulation, military operations, commercial aviation, cyberlaw, international law, space law, employment law, and sustainability in aerospace activities. In doing so, the ASLS aims to increase belonging, equity, diversity, and inclusion in air and space law to ensure every individual can see themselves in a career in the air and space industry.

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  • For law students interested in joining, please fill out the interest form using the "visit us" link above to receive email updates on opportunities and events throughout the year.

Speaker/Sponsorship Information

  • We encourage organizations and legal specialists passionate about the Air & Space industry to consider sharing their knowledge with ASLS students. We also greatly appreciate the generosity of those who choose to support the ASLS program financially, guaranteeing its future success. Those interested can contact our President Claire Geitzenauer, at cgeitzenauer@luc.edu.

2023-2024 Board of Directors:

2023-2024 Class Representatives:

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Faculty Advisor: Mahdis Azimi (mazimi1@luc.edu)