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PHIL 430: Husserl

Catalog Description

Prepares students for advanced work on the phenomenology of Husserl.

PHIL 430: Husserl

In Ideas II, Husserl presents a phenomenological account of modern natural science and the natural scientific investigation of consciousness. In doing so, he discusses the naturalization of consciousness and considers the extent to which consciousness can be naturalized. In addition, Husserl discusses a host of issues that are investigated by the cognitive sciences and dealt with in contemporary philosophy of mind: naturalism and reductionism, consciousness and phenomenality, perceptual awareness and attention, emotion and empathy, and embodiment and personhood. Supplementing our reading of Husserl with contemporary texts will allow us to discern the potential of a phenomenological theory of mind and nature for the twenty-first century, as well as enable us to place current debates on naturalism and in the sciences of the mind in a broader historical perspective.