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Vincent Visuth

Vincent Visuth Vincent Visuth 
Chief Operating Officer 
Medtech Global, Denver, CO

Loyola Alumna Vincent Visuth is a chief operating officer at Medtech Global, a leading health information technology company. His Bachelor's of Science in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and History and experience at Loyola helped prepare him for his career.

What do you do as an Chief Operating Officer at Medtech Global?

As a chief operating officer at Medtech Global, I oversee our global strategy and US operations. I am responsible for the company’s new service lines, deployment, business development and growth for Medtech Global and Consova Corporation.

Medtech Global is the largest provider of technology solutions in New Zealand primary health care, and the second largest in Australia. It has been enhancing the quality of patient care for over 30 years. The core focus of its suite of Patient Management Systems is on the comprehensive management of patient information throughout all aspects of primary and secondary health care, mental health and corporate health. Its products are also widely used in several countries including Ireland, India, United States and throughout the Pacific Islands.

Founded in 2003, ConSova is one of the first companies on the market to provide eligibility verification and health care cost-containment innovation for self-insured organizations. Leveraging unparalleled expertise in human resources, benefits and health care planning, the company has delivered over $1 Billion in savings on work with over 500 clients nationwide.

How did your MATH/STAT degree prepare you for your career?

In the process of earning my degree I was taught how to eliminate operational variance and calculate managing risk probabilities in strategic decision points. 

How has a degree from Loyola impacted your career?

 My degree in science and math from Loyola provided a differentiator in interviews as well as higher analytical skills.

Did you get a graduate degree? Do you think a graduate degree is necessary for your specific job?

Yes, I did receive a Master's in Health Administration from Cornell Univeristy. While a graduate degree is not necessary for my specific job, it played a key role in accessing my network. At the end of the day, connection to people is what elevates roles and opportunities.

How do you use math in your day-to-day work?

Everything in the world can be explained with math, but you have to build the right equation and reduce the variance.

What were your favorite math classes at Loyola? Which classes helped prepare you most for your career?

My favorite math classes prepared me most for my career. That class was Dr. Doty's Linear Algebra class.

What advice would you give students pondering a minor or major in MATH/STAT?

Being a math major is unique in the market, and you will be amazed at how much more understanding you have of the world when you've taken more math than 99% of the rest of the world. Being able to do analytics may seem common, but it truly isn't when you are in the professional world. Out of the elite 1%'s to join, this is the easiest one that will have the most dividends to provide you options.