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Mathematics and Statistics

Paul Bell

Paul Bell
Statistical Methods Director
Neilson Company, Schaumburg IL

Loyola alumnus Paul Bell is the Director of Statistical Methods for NA Buy at The Nielson Company. He knows firsthand the benefit of a Loyola statistics degree.

How has a degree from Loyola impacted your career?

My experience at Loyola was crucial to my current job at Nielsen. And as an employer, I look to Loyola graduates as some of the strongest in the field.

What makes Loyola's MS in Applied Statistics degree unique?

Loyola’s MS in Applied Statistics really is an applied degree. Whereas many schools teach just theory, Loyola trains you in SAS, or Statistical Analysis System. It was that training that helped me stand out on the job market. You interview for jobs knowing the most useful programming tool in the industry.

Who hires Applied Statistics students?

This degree is sought after in many industries: biomedical, defense, sports, politics, and more. You can be sure that an Applied Statistics degree from Loyola will be a big help getting you in the door.