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Office of Civic Engagement

Federal Government

Partner Organizations

ACE - American Council on Education 

The American Council on Education is a membership organization with over 1,700 members consisting of colleges and universities, public, private, two-year, and four-year, in the United States as well as related domestic and international associations and organizations. Through the ACE, these education associations and organizations are able to come together to speak as one voice on issues affecting the higher education community and stay connected to policymakers on the federal level. 


AJCU - Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities 

The AJCU Government Relations Network, the lobbying sector of the organization, works to advocate for federal financial aid programs like Pell grants and federal student loans. They understand the importance of financial aid in allowing students to attend Jesuit universities and work on issues relating to budgeting, appropriations, taxes, and the Higher Education Act to help maintain and improve those programs.


ACCU - Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities 

The ACCU represents the collective interests of its members, Catholic higher education institutions in the United States. They work to support the Catholic identity and mission of these institutions in promoting Catholic higher education. 


NAICU - National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities

The NAICU acts as an advocate for private, non-profit higher education in the United States. Focusing heavily on tax policy and federal financial aid programming, they work  with policymakers on the federal level to advance the accessibility and independence of such institutions and to generally promote the interests of their members.

Federal Higher Education Issues Where Independent, Private, Nonprofit Colleges and Universities Stand – October 2019