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Highlights of the Third Biennial Catholic Imagination Conference


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Catholic Imagination Conference Program

Media on the Catholic Imagination in the days and weeks leading up to the conference

From Church Life Journal: Protestant Fiction Needs the Catholic Imagination by Jessica Hooten Wilson
From Church Life Journal: What is the Catholic Imagination? by Michael P. Murphy
From U.S. Catholic: How to Nourish Your Catholic Imagination by Steven P. Millies

Articles, Blogs, and Retrospectives on the Catholic Imagination Conference

From Chicago Catholic: Catholic Imaginations Vigorous and Flourishing, Conferencegoers Say
From Church Life Journal: Has Literature Regained Its Faith? A reflection by Angela Alaimo O'Donnell
From National Catholic Reporter: Home for a Visit, a Year After Leaving the Church, by Melinda Henneberger
From Catholic Artists Connection: What We Saw at the Catholic Imagination Conference
From Brent Little, Sacred Heart University: The Catholic Imagination and the Challenge of Apathy
Patheos blogs from David Russell Mosley and Eve Tushnet (1, 2, 3)
Loyola University Chicago CIC student reflections on the conference

Media emerging from the Catholic Imagination Conference

Commonweal: Fallen Priests, an essay inspired by Richard Rodriguez's conference plenary
Many live-tweeted and reflected on the conference using our hashtag #CatholicImagination2019
And a new poem from Ed Block:
Winthrop Garden
On a city corner, between brown stone,
and ringed by wrought-iron fences,
chicken wire, and weeds,
an eclectic garden thrives; throws
its greenery toward sky and sun.
The vines on lines, tomatoes and eggplant
hanging pendant; kale and cucumbers
below. Rows of young lettuce, onion
sets and peppers red in ripeness,
squash beneath their yellowing leaves;
neat rows and fallow patches, quiet
in September. Who tilled the soil; breaking
up the clods, showering it with water?
Who pruned and weeded here? Who holds
the keys? It lights the heart to see the care
and diligence displayed; the hopes for harvest,
like things of spirit, before the Midwest
rains and winter white return to cover all.
©2019, Ed Block