Research Projects

Current Projects


Three Narratives in Theorizing Catholic Intellectual Heritage: Autobiographical Investigation in Catholicism, Subjectivity, and Teacher Education
Seungho Moon, Terri Piggot, Ann Marie Ryan (School of Education)


Shakespeare’s Naught: Immateriality and Early Modern English Literature
James Knapp (Department of English)


The Communicative Role of Hip Hop Culture in the Chicago Interfaith Community’s Struggle for Social Justice
George Villanueva (School of Communication)


Undergraduate Research Fellows


Economic Answers to "Does it Pay to Work for the Church?”
Jenna Meyers: Faculty Mentor, Dr. Michael P. Murphy


The Communicative Role of Hip Hop Culture in the Chicago Interfaith Community’s Struggle for Social Justice 
Sylvester Alonz: Faculty Mentor, Dr. George Villanueva

Past Projects

Bosnian Franciscan Revival in Nineteenth Century Ottoman Empire
Edin Hajdarpasic, Ph.D.(Department of History)

Souls and Sonnets
Elizabeth Coffman, Ph.D.(School of Communication)

The Camden 28: Catholic Left Opposition to the Vietnam War
Dr. Michelle Nickerson (Department of History)

The Trinity, Infinity, and the Other: Mystical Theology and Human Flourishing
Dr. Mark McIntosh (Department of Theology)

The Jesuit Provenance Project
Dr. Kyle Roberts (Department of History)

“There is no word for me”: The Catholic Imagination and the Transcendence of Race in Emily Raboteau’s The Professor’s Daughter
Dr. Badia Ahad (Department of English)

Joseph Bonnecamps, S.J. (1707-1790)
Dr. John Cunningham, S.J. (Department of Physics)

Relationships with God: How Contemporary Catholic Women Religiously Nurture Their Relationships with God
Dr. Jennifer Fiebig (Department of Psychology)

Patriotism, Catholicism, and Military Services: Exploring the Social Ministry Roles of Catholic Churches for Military Personnel and Their Families
Dr. Caleb Kim (School of Social Work)

Justice Delayed: The Study of Four Churchwomen in El Salvador
Ms. Julia A. Lieblich (School of Communication)

Vatican II's Golden Jubilee: Marking 50 years of Continuity, Controversy, and Conversation
Dr. Michael P. Murphy (Department of Theology)

An English Translation of Luigi Taparelli d’Azeglio’s 'Saggio Teoretico di Diritto Naturale Appoggiato sul Fatto
Dr. Robert John Araujo, S.J. (School of Law)

Integrating Ignatian Spirituality in Undergraduate Nursing Education
Dr. Lisa Burkhart (School of Nursing) with Dr. Mary Ann McDermott (School of Nursing) and Dr. William Schmidt (Institute of Pastoral Studies)

Religiosity and Body Image in Catholic, Muslim, and Amish Women
Dr. Denise Davidson (Department of Psychology)

Irish Catholics and the Early Modern Origins of Religious Toleration
Dr. John Donoghue (Department of History)

Medical Theory and the Christianization of Sleep in Late Antiquity
Dr. Leslie Dossey (Department of History)

Augustine and Academic Skepticism: A Philosophical Appraisal 
Dr. Blake Dutton (Department of Philosophy)

Prayer, Marriage, and the Family
Dr. Paul Giblin (Institute of Pastoral Studies)

Channels of Sovereignty: Colonial Writing in Native North America
Dr. Jeffrey S. Glover (Department of English)

Catholicism, Cities, and Education in Early Twentieth Century America: The Contributions of Frederic Siedenburg, S.J.
Dr. Edward Gumz (School of Social Work)

The Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary: 1919-1943
Dr. Ann M. Harrington, BVM (Department of History)

Expanding Horizons of the Sisters of Charity, BVM: 1919-1943
Dr. Ann M. Harrington, BVM (Department of History)

Evolutionary Biology, Human Sexuality and the Catholic Heritage
Dr. James Calcagno, Dr. Frank Catania, Dr. Pamela Caughie, Dr. Robert DiVito, Dr. Frank Fennell, Dr. Anne Figert, Dr. James Garbarino, Dr. Terry Grande, Dr. Patricia Beattie Jung (coordinator), Dr. Fred Kniss, Dr. John McCarthy, Dr. Paul Mueller, S.J., Dr. Jon Nilson, Dr. David Ozar, Dr. Jennifer Parks, Dr. Susan Ross, Dr. Joan Roughgarden, Dr. Diane Suter, Dr. Aana Vigen (moderator)

Music of the Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitos
Dr. Gustavo Leone (Department of Fine and Performing Arts/Music)

Reconstructing & Resurrecting of the Music of the Jesuit Missions of South America
Dr. Gustavo Leone (Department of Fine and Performing Arts/Music)

What are the Attitudes of Ugandan Catholic High School Administrators Regarding Addressing the Needs of LGBT Students? 
Dr. Michael J. Maher, Jr. (School of Education)

A Brief History of Monasticism
Dr. Dennis Martin (Department of Theology)

On Feeling Catholic: The Cultural Form of a Universal Religion
Dr. Hugh Miller (Department of Philosophy)

A Question of Habit (A Documentary Film)
Dr. Bren A. O. Murphy (School of Communication)

Does Social Work Education 'Prefer' the Poor? A Content Analysis of Foundation Course Syllabi Within Catholic MSW Programs
Dr. Julia Pryce and Dr. Michael Kelly (School of Social Work)

Priest Under Fire: The Life and Times of David Rodriguez
Dr. Peter Sanchez (Department of Political Science)

The Meaning and Impact of a Service Immersion: A Pilgrimage of Nursing Students Serving the Sick in Lourdes, France
Dr. P. Ann Solari-Twadell (School of Nursing)

The Gift of Peace, Teleplay
Fr. J. Michael Sparough, S.J. (Institute of Pastoral Studies)

Arguing Democracy on Religious Grounds: Lessons from the Catholic Experience
Dr. Gunes Murat Tezcur (Department of Political Science)

The Use of Memoir to Preserve the Legacy of American Catholic Women Religious: A Model Program Developed with the Assistance of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVMs)
Dr. Dan Vaillancourt (Department of Philosophy)

Faith and the Catholic Church as Protective Factors for Mexican and Central American Migrant Families:
A Transnational Study 

Dr. Maria Vidal de Haymes (School of Social Work)

The Paradoxical State of the Abortion Debate in the US 
Dr. Elfriede Wedam (Department of Sociology)

Miracles of Chastisement and Attitudes toward Disability in Medieval England and France
Dr. Edward Wheatley (Department of English)