St. John Berchmans Prize

The St. John Berchmans, S.J. Prize shines light on distinguished academic work done each year by scholastics and provides recognition for excellence in Jesuit scholarship.


"Our true worth does not consist in what human beings think of us. What we really are consists in what God knows us to be."

- St. John Berchmans, S.J.

Each year, the Berchmans Prize shines light on superb scholarly work done by scholastics and provides recognition for excellence in Jesuit scholarship. Named for St. John Berchmans, S.J, the patron saint of Jesuit scholastics and students, the Berchmans Prize celebrates the achievement of papers that are presented at the annual Winter Forum, hosted by First Studies here at LUC. Three prizes are awarded, one for the strongest academic/theoretical paper, another for the most interesting practical/ministerial project or paper, and a third for general excellence. The prize money is directed by the winner to benefit a particular ministry of their choosing. The Hank Center is honored to support the scholarly work of the men in formation and congratulates this year's Berchmans Scholars.  

The 2023 winners are: 

1st ($500):

Michael Petro, S.J.  


2nd ($300):

Richard Joubert, S.J. 


3rd ($200):

Patrick Fisher, S.J.

(of SLU’s program)