Connecting to Roman Catholic Thought...

The Joan and Bill Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage (CCIH) seeks to connect students, faculty, staff, and the public to Roman Catholic thought  by offering events that are designed to meet the needs of groups and organizations at Loyola University Chicago. Examples include the Catholic Q&A Program for students, a series of special events for the Catholic Studies Minor Program housed within CCIH.

Every semester, the center also offers Publication Luncheons, which are informal meetings where recent faculty publications can be discussed, exploring their link to Catholic thought. The Center, in collaboration with Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA), offers a  program called Lunch with Luma, which provides an opportunity for the faculty to learn more about museum programs, collections, and notable events at LUMA.

Catholic Classic Reading Groups involve faculty and students who meet for a semester-long discussion of writings drawn from inside and outside the Catholic literary corpus.


Catholic Studies

Loyola University Chicago’s Catholic Studies Program allows students to explore the religious tradition that serves as Loyola’s foundation. True to its Jesuit background, Loyola is a home for all faiths, and students from all cultural and religious backgrounds are welcome to study Catholicism’s rich intellectual and artistic heritage.|

Catholic Q&A

The Catholic Q&A Program offers students an opportunity to learn more about the Catholic faith through faculty presentations and discussion held in the University’s residence halls. The questions are drawn from student interest and the presenters represent some of the University’s most engaging speakers.


Faith in Focus

The Faith in Focus Film Series, open to members of Loyola University Chicago and the general public, explores themes of faith and the lives of prominent figures in the Catholic Church. Feature film screenings are followed by discussion led by prominent LUC professors or guest speakers.


Publication Luncheons

Publication luncheons are informal gatherings of faculty and graduate students who discuss a recent publication of a faculty author and explore its link to the Catholic intellectual heritage. Contact the Center for more information on the publication luncheons.


Lunch with LUMA

The Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage, in collaboration with Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA), offers a luncheon program called Lunch with LUMA. These informal conversations with LUMA staff provide an opportunity for the Lake Shore Campus faculty to learn more about museum programs, collections, recent acquisitions, and notable events at LUMA. CCIH provides space and lunch. Please contact us for more information.


Reading Groups

The Center offers reading groups for Loyola's faculty who gather in a collegial environment to explore various genres of literature in light of Roman Catholic thought.


The St. John Berchmans Prize

The St. John Berchmans Prize is meant to shine light on best academic work done each year by scholastics and provides recognition for excellence in Jesuit scholarship.