Communicating Roman Catholic Thought

The Hank Center hosts a variety of panels and audience participation events where speakers and panelists address a current social topic connected to concerns within the Catholic Intellectual Heritage. Other programs include Faculty Publication Luncheons; Catholic Minds, Catholic Matters; The Cardinal Newman lecture series; day-long colloquiums; and panel discussions. 

Catholic Minds, Catholic Matters

The Catholic Minds, Catholic Matters Lecture series offers four public lectures on an important Catholic thinker or topic directly linked to a concern within the Catholic intellectual heritage. Two lectures are given each semester, one by an established scholar outside Loyola University Chicago and one by a Loyola scholar. Contact the Center for information on upcoming lectures.

The Saint John Henry Newman Lecture Series

The Cardinal Newman Lecture series is named after the great 19th century English prelate who wrote so movingly about his intellectual journey toward Roman Catholicism in his spiritual autobiography, Apologia pro vita sua (1864). Newman's work helped later generations of Catholics and Catholic converts map out ways to understand the datum of religious faith in light of the contemporary issues facing modern life. Honoring this engagement with the Catholic tradition, CCIH will invite scholars to recount their own discovery (or rediscovery) of the Catholic intellectual heritage in light of their ongoing scholarship.

Catholicism and the Professional Life

In order to encourage and facilitate a deeper engagement with Catholicism among the faculty here at Loyola, the Hank Center offers the Catholicism and the Professional Life series. This series aims to demonstrate the different ways that the Catholic faith can be found within the lives and work of the faculty and staff in Loyola's professional schools.

Catholicism and the Arts

Each spring, the Hank Center brings a noted artist to campus for our Catholicism and the Arts series. The artists—from all different artistic mediums—offer a lecture and a master class in their area of artistic focus. The aim of this series is to show how Catholicism has influenced, and has been influenced by, art and artistic representation.

Catholicism in Dialogue

Each fall, the Hank Center invites a noted, interdisciplinary scholar to come to campus for two events in our Catholicism in Dialogue series. First, scholars will offer a public lecture on the relationship they see between Catholicism and another major world religion of their choosing and/or expertise. Second, scholars will have the chance to engage students in more in-depth discussions by offering a seminar on the topic of their lecture.

Quaestione Disputatae Panels

In the tradition of the medieval Catholic university, CCIH offers Quaestiones Disputatae panels each semester where resident or visiting faculty address "disputed questions" connected to Catholic thought in any field of academic research or public life.


Each semester, the CCIH Colloquia program offers a day-long scholarly presentation and discussion of a topic pertinent to the Catholic intellectual heritage.