The 2018 Cardinal Bernardin Common Cause Lecture

The 2018 Cardinal Bernardin Common Cause Lecture

Forming a Catholic Political Imagination
Most Reverend Bishop Robert W. McElroy

On April 18, 2018, CCIH welcomed Bishop Robert W. McElroy of the Diocese of San Diego, who delivered the second major lecture in honor of Cardinal Bernardin's legacy. In his lecture, Bishop McElroy outlined resources for forming an astute political imagination in a time of cultural crisis and discussed how a Catholic imagination can amplify a national moral aspiration founded in justice, freedom, and solidarity.

The content of Bishop McElroy's speech resonated so deeply with the signs of the times that Commonweal magazine later published the lecture in full and invited three well-known authors to respond. We invite you read the full Commonweal dialogue

During his visit to LUC, Bishop McElroy was also gracious enough to partake in an intimate one-on-one discussion with CCIH Director, Michael P. Murphy. We encourage to watch this brief interview, which is part of a new series entitled Live from Loyola: A Public Voices Series.