Nexus: Conversations on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

Nexus: Conversations on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

Nexus: Conversations on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition is a digital-age journal that amplifies and publishes scholarly dialogue taking place in the Hank Center—whether in symposia and conference proceedings or in the research of its several faculty working groups. Cultivating the Jesuit principle of finding God in all things, Nexus fosters a wide scope of interdisciplinary scholarship, reflection, and public engagement—theological, philosophical, artistic, scientific, literary, historical, political, and more—forms that constitute this vital tradition. Nexus is robust space to encounter and explore the "living tradition" of Catholic thought and practice in order to be leavening to the scholarly community of Loyola University Chicago, to the Church, and to our local, national and international partners and audience. Nexus is published annually by the Hank Center. 

Volume 1:

1. Is Moral Cultivation a Proper Aim of a Catholic University? by Richard Kim

2. Against Isocrates by Jeffrey J. Fisher

3. Ex Corde Ecclesiae and Interreligious Dialogue in Catholic Universities by Xueying Wang 

4. Diversity, Reason, and Catholic Faith by James G. Murphy, SJ 

5. Jesus as Philosopher: A Hermeneutical Approach to His Teachings by Avery Merriel Smith

6. Pursuing Truth in the Catholic University by Marcella Linn 

7. We Must Give Our Students Hope: The Distinctively Catholic Search for Truth in Ex Corde Eccelsiae by Naomi Fisher 

8. Science, Religion and the Disaffiliation Crisis by Joe Vukov

Future Issues

1. Restorative Justice and the Abolition of the Death Penalty 

2. Media and Messages: Catholicism and Digital Media

3. Catholic Imaginations and The Future of the Catholic Literary Tradition 

4. Science, Religion, and the Technocratic Paradigm: Catholic Genealogies; Catholic Critiques