Integral Ecology: A Jesuit Scientist's Perspective
John Braverman, S.J.

Integral Ecology: A Jesuit Scientist

The Hank Center welcomed 2019 Teilhard Fellow in Catholic Studies, Dr. John Braverman, S.J. This major lecture focused on aspects of eco-theology and spiritualities of sustainability and action. 

October 29, 4:00 - 5:30 PM
McCormick Lounge, Coffey Hall
Lake Shore Campus

This event was free & open to the public.

Fr. Braverman is an Associate Professor of Biology at St. Joseph's University and serves as the 2019 Teilhard de Chardin Fellow in Catholic Studies at Loyola University Chicago. 

The course he is teaching at Loyola, Ecology and Spirituality for Action (ENVS 298-001), builds on the concept of "eco-theology" by providing the urgent call for action as a way to cope with environmental issues. It shows how spiritual tools are helpful when experiencing frustration in working toward environmental justice.