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An EGSA Brown Bag for CV workshopping

The English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) is an organization for English graduate students at Loyola University Chicago that promotes professionalism and social interaction within the department. We create events that are supplemental to those hosted by the Graduate School to better assist students with academic and professional development. EGSA also serves as an open forum where English graduate students can express their concerns and opinions about important departmental and university-wide issues. Graduate students can join the EGSA Facebook group and will be automatically added to the EGSA Sakai site, where they can access important forms, read the EGSA constitution, and take polls. The primary mode of day-to-day communication is the Discord channel, which you can be added to by contacting our Secretary. Most EGSA events take place in the Fishbowl, the graduate student lounge located within the Department of English on the 4th floor of the Edward Crown Center for the Humanities. Remember to keep the Fishbowl clean - this helps our department's secretaries focus on the other work they need to do for students and faculty!

2023-24 EGSA Board Members

President - Nicole Salama

Vice President - Jack O'Briant

Treasurer - Tori O'Dea

Secretary - Joe Hansen

Communications Officer - Dan Cheung

First-Year Rep - Berenice Rodriguez

Holding Office: 

Once elected by peers, a student can fill one of several two-year positions on the EGSA board, namely, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Communications Officer, or apply to the board to serve as the Graduate Student Representative, a one-year position.


Several salons are hosted each semester at which dissertating students present a chapter of their work before all attendees enjoy pizza provided by EGSA!

Brown Bags:

Other functions of EGSA include offering several Brown Bags every semester that answer student questions about their education, performance in coursework, comprehensive exams, and the dissertation process, and how to find a job after graduation. Let your EGSA board know if there is a specific topic you would like to hear more about! 

Printing Supplies:

EGSA maintains printing supplies in the Fishbowl, the graduate lounge in LSC's Department of English. Usually, the Vice President oversees this duty. Though printing is free for graduate students, it is a welcome courtesy to your peers not to overuse this privilege, as this reduces the budget and minimizes conference expense reimbursement. 

Conference Expense Reimbursement:

If the budget allows, the EGSA Treasurer will contact all members of EGSA via email with specific instructions for how and when to submit the receipts from conference attendance (transportation, hotel, and conference registration fees). Following the spring semester, EGSA equally dispenses conference reimbursement funding to eligible students from what remains of the school year's EGSA budget.