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This policy refers to full-time graduate students at the LUC lakeside campuses who are in good academic standing, funded by an assistantship through the Graduate School and/or extramural agencies, and who are to become a parent, or take on the commitment as the parent, of an infant or young child.


Description and Requisites of the Parental Leave:

A. The qualifying students will receive their full stipend from the Graduate School for up to 60 calendar days (the equivalent of 8 work weeks). The leave time must be taken consecutively.

B. Either parent is eligible. If both parents are full-time funded Graduate School students from the LUC lakeside campuses, and both are in good standing, both students may apply, but with the understanding that only one parental leave is allowed at a time (e.g., maximum total of 60 calendar days), and therefore can be divided but not duplicated.

C. Qualifying students must be the primary caregiver, devoting at least 40 hours per week to the direct care and supervision of the child.


Procedures - Notification and Application:

 D. Notification

  1.  The Graduate Program Director:

First, the student who plans to make an application for a Parental Leave must establish a meeting with the Graduate Program Director (GPD) at least four months in advance of the planned leave, barring special circumstances (e.g., sudden notice of the adoption, or an emergency situation).  This allows the GPD sufficient time to arrange for substitutes to fulfill the student’s research and/or teaching obligations for professors, or the Department. It is also important for planning the continuance of the student’s program upon his or her return.


Research Assistants

Research assistants will be replaced by the Graduate Program Director for the duration of the leave, and the substitutes will receive a stipend from the Graduate School.


Teaching Assistants and Graduate Student Teachers of Record

Teaching assistants and graduate student teachers of record will be replaced by the Graduate Program Director, or chairperson, according to the custom of the department, and the substitutes will receive a stipend from the Graduate School.


2. Professors Affected by the Leave:

The Graduate Program Director communicates to the professors affected by the student’s leave. In the case of those professors in whose classes the student is presently enrolled, the ways and timeline by which course requirements will be fulfilled will be discussed. Professors assisted by the student in research and/or teaching will be notified by the GPD about the intended leave and the plan to provide a substitute assistant for the duration of the student’s absence.


3. Loyola’s International Students Office (If Applicable):

International students with a student visa must notify Loyola’s International Students Office of their plan to obtain a parental leave since a leave from their academic program may affect their visa status.


E. Application

1. The Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Four months prior to the intended leave, and immediately after meeting with the Graduate Program Director, the student applies to the Associate Dean of the Graduate School. It is the responsibility of the Associate Dean to examine the academic performance of the student to ensure that the student is in good standing, and following consultation with the Graduate Program Director, to assess whether the student will be successful in completing the program upon his or her return from the leave.


2. Extramural Funding Agencies (If Applicable):

Students who are funded by extramural sources will notify the funding agency(ies) immediately and make application to the outside funder(s) for parental leave.


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