Loyola University Chicago

University Archives & Special Collections

Catholic History/Organizations

Alvo E. Albini papers, 1967-1994

Robert Broderick papers, 1926-2003

Carl J. Burlage, S.J., papers 1886-1996

Catholic Church Extension Society

Chicago Inter-Student Catholic Action (CISCA)

Catholic Instruction League records, 1904-1946

Cuneo Family

Gerardo Decorme, S.J., papers, ca. 1940-1941

Jean Delanglez, S.J., papers, 1931-1949

Marie Aloysia Dunne papers, 1906-1932

Francis L. Filas, S.J., papers, 1931-1989

Gilbert J. Garraghan, S.J., papers, 1868, 1902-1942

Illinois Catholic Historical Society records, 1906-1990


Jerome V. Jacobsen, S.J, papers, 1916-1980

Catherine Jarrott, Ph.D., 1944-1984

Kane Collection, 1829-1945

Frank J. Lewis papers, 1924-1960

Frederick P. Manion, S.J., papers, 1909-1976

National Catholic AIDS Network (NCAN) records, 1986-2007

National Catholic Interscholastic Basketball Tournament (NCIBT) records, 1924-1941

Nevett Fund of America records, 1945-1999

SERRA International records, 1937-2006


George Drury, Ph.D., papers, 1934-1998

John A. Kemp, S.J., papers, 1930-1963

Jack Mulqueen papers, 1923-2014


St. Bernard Hospital Community records, 1903-1992

St. Bernard School of Nursing records, 1906-1975

St. Bernard Hospital records, 1881-1991

St. Ignatius Parish records, 1907-2001


Edward I. Surtz, S.J., papers, 1930-1983