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Social Justice

Chicago Inter Student Catholic Action collection (CISCA), 1928-1998

Institute of Human Resources and Industrial Relations records, 1940-1992

National Catholic AIDS Network (NCAN) records, 1986-2007

William G. Thompson, SJ, papers, 1908, 1959-1995

Kale Williams papers, 1962-2006

John Byrne papers, 1832-1936

George Drury, PhD, papers, 1934-1998

Robert C. Hartnett, SJ, papers, 1888-1984

Catholic Church Extension Society

SERRA International records, 1937-2006

Arthur L. Berman papers, 1977-2003

Henry Cohen, Ph.D., papers, 1825-1987

Joseph A. Gagliano, Ph.D., papers, 1920-1998

Edmund J. Rooney, EdD, papers, 1956-1998

George Ireland, Athletics Director, records, 1913-1978

Circuit Court Judge Oral Histories

Latinos in Chicago Oral Histories, 1993-2001

Dorr E. Felt Collection

Academic Affairs, Office of the Vice President for

African-American Studies Program

 Arts and Sciences, College of

English, Department of

Public Relations, Office of

Student Affairs, Office of

Faculties, Office of the Vice President of

Robert Broderick papers, 1926-2003

Frederic Siedenburg, S.J., Collection, 1911-1989

Scott Stantis Papers, 1939-1940s, 1980-2018, Undated

Center for Urban Policy records, 1979-1988

Office of the President