The 2015 Cardinal Newman Lecture: Dr. Colby Dickinson

The 2015 Cardinal Newman Lecture: Dr. Colby Dickinson

Tuesday, 10 February 2015
McCormick Lounge, Coffey Hall
Lake Shore Campus, LUC

The 2015 Cardinal Newman Lecture
Dr. Colby Dickinson

Life in Dialogue with Faith: The Subtle Complexities of an Ongoing Conversion

How is life capable of being lived in continuous conversation with faith if not as a constant conversion experience? Indeed, how are we even capable of recognizing a complex and subtly developed faith in the modern world without it undermining our established sense of self? As a convert to Catholicism, Prof. Colby Dickinson has often reflected on these questions insofar as they also illuminate new ways to think and do theological practice. Turning back directly to Cardinal Newman's Apologia, this talk engaged Newman's conversion to Catholicism, Prof. Dickinson's own experiences of conversion, and how the life lived in faith is itself a never-ending process of conversion.