Reflections on Democracy, Culture, Catholicism: Voices from Four Continents

In the fall of 2015, Fordham University Press published a collection of essays titled Democracy, Culture, Catholicism: Voices from Four Continents. This volume was the result of a three year, international research project sponsored by the Hank Center that brought together scholars from Jesuit, and Jesuit related, institutions of higher education around the world. Meetings in four parts of the globe – Peru, Indonesia, Lithuania, and the U.S. – these diverse scholars explored and interrogated the relationship(s) between democracy, culture, and Catholicism in each of their respective locations. On the one hand, this volume offers a unique, scholarly contribution to the academy; on the other hand, this volume stands as a testament to the collaborative and transformative possibilities contained within the transnational community of Jesuit institutes of higher education.

In this video, volume co-editor John Crowley-Buck (Loyola University Chicago) engages Dr. Danute Gailiene (Vilnius University) in a conversation about the impact of this project and publication on her as a scholar of psychology, a specialist in trauma studies, and a citizen of Lithuania.