Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Pastoral Studies

Noncredit Courses

Auditing IPS courses

Students wishing to take a course without receiving credit may audit a course.


50% of current tuition rate


Class attendance is required of auditors and a final grade of "AU" will be assigned. If they do not attend class, the final grade of "W" will be assigned. Assignments, including examinations and term papers, are not required, but auditors have the right to participate in class discussion. A course that is audited does not count as hours attempted. Required courses may not be converted to audit status. A course may not be converted to audit status after the first two weeks of the semester or one week of a summer session.

Registration in a particular course is governed by the ordinary approval applicable to any graduate course and is further limited by the availability of space in the desired class.


Students should apply to IPS through the Graduate and Professional Enrollment Management (GPEM) Office as a non-degree seeking student. If the student is an IPS graduate, please fill out the Reapplicaton Form and submit it to the GPEM office. After being admitted, the student must officially register for the class they'd like to audit and then contact IPS and request auditor status. A form will be submitted on the student's behalf to the Office of Registration and Records and then the for-credit course will be converted to audit status.