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“I loved every minute of our time in Italy. I learned so much from the people and places we visited. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I will never forget it!”

    The IPS Summer Rome program provides a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the historical, cultural, and spiritual benefits of the Eternal City and the Vatican.  Led by faculty members with longstanding personal relationships with local academic and ecclesial leaders there, the program is designed for students of the IPS but is open to others.  Participants are able to draw upon the invaluable resources of Loyola’s half-century presence running a campus for students of various ages and degree programs who choose to study in the Eternal City.  International study scholarships and prorated payment plans make the cost feasible for full- and part-time IPS students. Often the richly diverse classes include non-degree seeking students interested in personal enrichment or those earning graduate degrees at other institutions as well.

Looking to make the most of your summer travels, while learning along the way? The IPS Rome program offers learning and cultural experiences that you can’t find in a classroom in Chicago. Join us one summer to:

  • Complete a core or elective course towards your degree
  • Reconnect with your spirituality while living in the Eternal City, Rome
  • Combine classroom lessons and adventures abroad

In addition to classes, students tour some of Rome's most famous landmarks and attractions, including the Colosseum, St. Peter's Square, and much more.


The upcoming IPS Study Abroad Rome immersion trip

is planned to take place Summer 2023 (June 16-27, 2023)


IPS 599 - The Teaching and Learning Church: Hermeneutics and Interpretation (elective)


Offered by Prof. Michael Canaris


Theology has long discussed the church as having dimensions of both teaching (ecclesia docens) and learning (ecclesia discens). This course will examine that traditional description through the lens of interpreting particular church texts, assertions, and claims, including encyclicals and ecumenical dialogues, to understand that all Christians, from bishops to children, are called to be both teachers and learners. We will explore the “voices” through which the community of disciples teaches and how through the church's doctrine, life and worship, perpetuates and transmits to every generation all that she herself is, all that she believes” (Dei Verbum, 8). We will complement this by analyzing the processes by which these teachings are actively received, always attuned to the “sense of the faithful” (sensus fidelium) and the ongoing pilgrimage of a life of faith. It will be of interest to those engaged in religious education, pastoral ministry, catechetical formation, or who hope to develop a deeper understanding of ecclesiological hermeneutics, weighing and interpreting who, how, and by what authority teachings are made and received in historical contexts. This will unfold as we explore site visits, exchanges with relevant thought-partners in the Vatican and among lay leaders in Rome, and study up close how the universal church has both taught and learned from the world for two millennia.


IPS 485 - Religious Education, Evangelization, and Cultures


Offered by Prof. timone davis



Religious education, including catechesis, evangelization, religious instruction, and faith formation, occurs within cultural settings (e.g., urban/suburban/rural; secular/religious; settled/immigrant). This course will engage a dialogical pedagogy that immerses students in the historical and contemporary sites of Rome, Italy and surrounding sites. This immersion acts as a prompt for religious education learning and teaching that dives into symbols, art and architecture that has informed by and informing Catholic culture. As the seat of the Universal Catholic Church, Rome itself will serve as the instrument to explore and analyze intercultural realities and how those realities influence our own cultural context.  



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If you have questions about travel to another location before or after, flights, transfers from the airport, etc., the IPS has an unofficial and informal relationship with the following travel agent who is eager to help our students:

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Future Courses


  • The Theology of Karl Rahner for Pastoral Ministers (elective) with Prof. Heidi Russell
  • Intro to Christian Doctrine with Prof. Mike Canaris


  • Theology and Migration (elective)
  • Literature of Ancient Israel