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IPS Aggiornamento Award 2019

IPS Aggiornamento Award Dr. Robert Ludwig November 21, 2019

Dr. Robert Ludwig, Professor Emeritus, served as the director of the Institute of Pastoral Studies from 2004-12 and continued at the IPS as a professor until his retirement in 2014. Long before that appointment, however, Bob was a faculty member during the summer programs of the early 1970s and was instrumental in helping to shape and carry forward the spirit of the IPS. His long history of influence from the beginnings of the IPS through his leadership more recently explains how the IPS  continues to bears his unique stamp. Dr. Ludwig has always been “ahead of the curve” when it comes to the education of lay ministers for leadership in their communities and in society at large, and this means that he has long been a tireless advocate for constant change: the IPS must attune itself to work of the Spirit as our social context and the needs of the community change over time. The IPS past and present thank you, Dr Ludwig, for your energy, vision, leadership, and friendship. 


A Word of Gratitude from James and Evelyn Whitehead

                We met Bob for the first time in June 1971 as the summer session of the Institute of Pastoral Studies was beginning. Father Jerry O’Leary, the Institute’s second leader, was gathering his merry band of teachers that included Bob, Lu Roy, James Zullo, Peter Gilmour, ourselves and others. Bob’s enthusiasm and creativity were in evidence from the very beginning.

                A few years later Bob became director of campus ministry at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  He and his wife Kathy invited us to offer a workshop and we had the chance to see firsthand his creativity on display in this new setting.

                Some years later Bob’s theological entrepreneurship found its fullest expression in the distance-learning program at Loyola University in New Orleans. We had the good fortune to record a few programs for the courses there and for years after would meet Catholic ministers through the country whose careers were enriched by his imaginative program.

                Then Bob returned home, becoming the director of the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola, Chicago.  We with many others profited from Bob’s creative leadership and we were grieved when his retirement was so poorly handled by the university.

                We are grateful for the many years during which we have been privileged to work with Bob and for the frequent sharing of ideas and gin gimlets. We thank him for his creative vision and generous leadership. And we salute the Institute for offering him this well-deserved honor of the Aggiornamento Award.


Bob, I'm also retired now--and living with my wife (for the first time on a permanent basis since 1979) in MN close to St. Paul (where a daughter, son-in-law and 3 grandkids reside)--so I won't be able to make your much-deserved event. Those classes I taught (because of you) for IPS were among the most memorable and rewarding of my 44-year career at Loyola. Thank you, thank you, thank you--for that an all the other good things you did at and for Loyola.

--David Schweickart


Bob, it breaks my heart that I cannot attend the award presentation and reception. There are no words to describe how much I respect and appreciate you and your gifts. You offered me such support and wisdom through my years as adjunct faculty at IPS, treating me with no less care and attention than you would a full-time tenured professor. You laughed with me, encouraged me, and gave me freedom to design a truly meaningful class. Your vision and insight were and are priceless. You are truly an exceptional person, and I feel deeply blessed to know you and to have worked with you. I send you many prayers, big hugs, and much love as you complete your journey and sink into God.

--Amy Florian


Thank you Bob for your unwavering support for us and for me...your leadership is a fond memory for me...the cigar, the smile, the mission. I am in your debt.

--Kevin O'Connor


Bob was a great colleague and supporter of his fellow administrators, faculty, staff and students. His sense of humor always lightened a situation and, of course, having meals with him was always a pleasure--including his cigars and Scotch! Congratulations, Bob, on this well-deserved award!

--Jack Wall


Congrats, Bob, and welcome "home"! I'd like to be there but will be recovering from minor surgery. Enjoy the celebration, you've earned it. All best,

--Frank Fennel


Bob, I am so sorry to miss this most deserved event honoring your life and all of your accomplishments. As you know, you have blessed me many times and I know you have been a formidable driving influence in the formation of those with whom you crossed paths. Thank you for your heart, your willingness to think outside the box, your sense of justice, your courage and for your presence. You will always hold a special place in my heart and for that I thank you sincerely.

 --Charlotte Dillon


Thank you for the blessing you have been to me and to all of us Bob. Keep on smiling and laughing. :)

--Ed B Duffy


I’ll be in Dallas sorry i that be there to celebrate with you. Bob was an inspiration and legend

--Jeanette Gaffney Egan


Bob, since that very first information session I attended I have admired you for your dedication to the idea of lay leadership in the church and for your enthusiasm for educating future generations of church leaders. I'm proud to be able to call you friend and mentor. Congratulations on this latest honor! Much Love,

--Cathy Shipp


Congratulations Bob!!
I remember my first night of class at Loyola with mixed emotions. Excited I finally found a place in which others thought the way I did and also thinking that I was in way over my head!! I stuck it out and have been blessed in so many ways.
You became my mentor and helped me more than you will ever know. You pushed the envelope and your ingenuity allowed me to participate in courses from way up in Northern Michigan, way before Blackboard. Because of this I was able to complete my degree in two years. I still remember crossing the stage receiving my Masters in Religious Education and you whispering to me - "You need to come back and get an MDiv." I just laughed it off. What was a Catholic woman in Northern Lower Michigan going to do with an MDiv? But I found myself, a few years later, pursuing that degree.
I am so glad that you planted that seed. I have been blessed in many ways because of that. When I found out that I needed a professor to read my final thesis paper I thought of you. What better way to conclude my studies at Loyola than to have you read my paper. After all, since I began my studies at Loyola with you how fitting is it that I end my studies at Loyola with you.
May God continue to bless you!

--Mary Mills


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