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Institute Awarded 40 Merit-Based Scholarships to Students from Across the Nation

Institute Awarded 40 Merit-Based Scholarships to Students from Across the Nation

Each year Loyola University Chicago’s Institute of Pastoral Studies awards certain students merit-based scholarships to help them with their academic success and with their mission to better the community.

“Due to the generosity of many benefactors, we can provide these scholarships to our students so upon graduation they can make a meaningful difference unencumbered by high levels of debt. We believe the world needs our students,” said Brian Schmisek, director of Loyola’s Institute of Pastoral Studies. “These scholarships reflect the hope and promise we see in them and their bright futures.”

The institute awards scholarships to students in recognition of outstanding achievement in previous leadership or ministerial initiatives and their academic work. Merit awards cover a portion of for-credit tuition for the duration of the academic year in a degree program at the institute. Some of the scholarships offered include:

  • Deacon WP Worden Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Richard C. and Rosemary K. Leach Endowed Scholarship
  • Blanche Marie Gallagher B. V. M. Endowed Scholarship
  • Joan G. & Leonard D. Richman Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Ginny Lynch Memorial Scholarship

The recipients of these scholarships are prime examples of the institute’s mission: to provide transformative education for ministry, spiritual leadership and faith-based social engagement, delivering high-quality professional education characterized by innovation, excellence, leadership, ethics, and service.

A few of these outstanding students include:

Maryann Kowalsky, Deacon WP Worden Memorial Endowed Scholarship

At a time when many people are considering retirement, Kowalsky, 59, is seeking her third master’s degree. Expected to graduate in 2016, Kowalsky, is currently a full time first grade public school teacher in an inner city school district and is an active member in her home parish. In fact, it was her pastor who directed her toward Loyola University Chicago.

Shane Tytenicz, Richard C. and Rosemary K. Leach Endowed Scholarship

Tytenicz is currently balancing his work in the business world with his pursuit of education at IPS. He welcomes the challenge of transitioning from a full time business career to a new vocation in pastoral counseling.

Over the years, he has facilitated retreats for men struggling with addiction and homelessness. Through this ministry at the Ignation Spirituality Project, he began to realize he was being called to counsel suffering people on a full-time basis.

Elizabeth Reardon, Richard C. and Rosemary K. Leach Endowed Scholarship

Expected to graduate in 2015, Reardon began her journey to further explore her own passion for learning and faith development, but her path evolved into a yearning to share and awaken faith in others.  

“Through my experience at Loyola, I have gained both knowledge, and the tools to critically explore and embrace the faith, as well as endless creative ways to engage others in their journey.”