Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Pastoral Studies

Curriculum / Students admitted prior to Summer 2014

Master of Arts in Social Justice and Community Development

This 36-credit hour program includes 12 three-hour courses. Students can begin the degree program in any academic term. Full-time students can complete the program in four academic terms. Part-time students have five years within which to complete the degree. The following courses are required for this degree:

  • IPS 532: Social Context OR IPS 646: Historical Dimensions of Community Development
  • IPS 610: Foundations of Social Justice
  • IPS 645: Principles and Processes of Community Development
  • IPS 620: Diversity and Equity
  • IPS 660: Leadership for Social Transformation
  • IPS 640: Internship/Practicum: Beginning Action-Reflection in Context - (IPS 580 satisfies this requirement)
  • IPS 612: Applied Research (Final Research project)
  • IPS 647: Ethical Dimensions of Social Justice and Community Development

Four electives complete the degree. Electives are courses of the student’s choice based on their interests, but they can be organized into a kind of topical “minor.”  Program electives include:

  • Faith-based strategies (Faith Justice and Public Policy, Holistic Strategies for Congregations, Christian Non-Violence, SCUPE courses, etc.)
  • IPS 611: Building Sustainable Communities
  • IPS 648: Current Issues in Housing
  • IPS 625:  Global Economics
  • IPS 635: Community Organizing*
  • IPS 453: Fundraising and grant writing (offered in summer)
  • Asset-Based Community Development courses

*Also offered in summers by Midwest Academy or Interfaith Worker Justice as a ten-week internship experience.  If accepted, this could be your internship for IPS 640 under certain conditions. Please check with these organizations for an application and additional information.