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Lake Shore Campus

photo from the lake towards campus by Joe Smajo, ca 1950s

After 36 years at St. Ignatius College on Roosevelt Road, Henry Dumbach, SJ, decided that it was time for the school to expand. In 1906 he purchased 19.5 acres of land for $161,000, forming the core of the Lake Shore Campus. The first buildings on the new campus were constructed during the tenure of Alexander J. Burrowes, SJ, - the home of the new Loyola Academy, Dumbach Hall, in 1908, and the first college building, Cudahy Science Hall, in 1912. Presidents after Burrowes continued to add buildings to the north side campus - William H. Agnew, SJ, constrcuted the Alumni Gymnasium (1923-2011) and the Administration Building/Jesuit Residence (1922-2008). Cudahy Library was built in 1930 and Madonna della Strada Chapel was begun in 1938, both during the administration of Samuel K. Wilson, SJ.   

Aerial showing Lake Shore Campus during the 1980s

The administration of James F. Maguire, SJ, kicked off construction for Loyola's centennial in 1970 with Damen Hall (1966-2010) and the James J. Mertz, SJ, complex (1968). However it was the administration of Raymond C. Baumhart, SJ, that saw the most construction on campus during the 20th century. During Fr. Baumhart's tenure Flanner Hall was built in 1976, the Halas Recreation Center opened in 1982, Crown Center opened in 1984, and the Gentile Center opened in 1996.

Aerial photograph of the Lake Shore Campus from Lake Michigan looking west in the 1990s

The first 20 years of the 21st century has seen another construction boom on the Lake Shore Campus. The Quinlan Life Sciences Education and Research center opened in 2003; the Information Commons in 2008; the Norville Center for Athletics in 2011; Cuneo Hall in 2012; the Damen Student Center and School of Environmental Studies in 2013; and the Alfie NOrville Practice Facilities in 2018.  The number of dormitories has also expanded, particularly south of Devon, also known as 'South Campus'.



More information on Loyola's Lake Shore Campus can be found in Loyola University Chicago by Kathryn A. Young and Ashley Howdeshell (The Campus History Series, Arcadia Publishing, 2020) at  https://www.arcadiapublishing.com/Products/9781467105590 .