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Campion Hall on Sheridan Road is the first residence hall on the lake shore campus

Campion Hall (1955)

The first residence hall at Loyola, and the first on the Lake Shore Campus, was Campion Hall, built in 1955. It was originally known as the Loyola University Residence for Men, but was later renamed Campion Hall in honor of St. Edmund Campion, S.J.


Loyola Hall

Francis Hall (2020)

Bellarmine Hall (2012)

Canisius Hall 

de Nobili Hall (2013)


Fairfield Hall

During the tenure of Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., as president, several existing residence halls were renamed after Jesuit colleges and universities. Fairfield Hall was named after Fairfield University in Connecticut.


Fordham Hall

The first residence hall on the Lake Shore Campus was Campion Hall, built in 1955 and originally known as the Loyola University Residence for Men. It was later renamed to Campion Hall in honor of St. Edmund Campion, S.J. Fordham Hall was named after Fordham University in New York.


Georgetown Hall

An apartment building on the corner of Kenmore Avenue and Rosemont, Loyola acquired it in the 2000s. It is named after Gerogetown University.


Le Moyne Hall

Marquette Hall & Marquette Hall South

Messina Hall


View of the Mertz Complex with Mertz Hall and Centennial Forum Student Union. Also shown is Alumni Gym.

Mertz Hall (1969)

Opening in 1969 as part of the James J. Mertz, S.J., complex built for Loyola's centennial in 1970. The complex also includes the Centennial Forum Student Union. It is named after James J. Mertz, S.J., a long-time faculty member in Classical Studies and the Jesuit responsible for the construction of Madonna della Strada Chapel on the Lake Shore Campus.


Regis Hall (2004?)

San Francisco Hall


Lake Front Hall, now called Santa Clara Hall, on Loyola Avenue

Santa Clara Hall (1979)

An apartment building that Loyola purchased in 1979, this residence hall on Loyola Avenue was originally called Lake Front Hall. In the 2000s it was renamed Santa Clara Hall after Santa Clara University in California.


Seattle Hall


Aerial view of the Simpson Living and Learning Center

Simpson Living-Learning Center (1991)

 Opened in 1991, this residence hall includes a cafeteria and multi-purpose rooms for study and meetings. It was named for William G. and Marilyn M. Simpson, who gifted the money for the new residence hall.


St. Joseph's Hall (2018)

Originally built to house St. Joseph's Seminary for the Archdiocese of Chicago, St. Joseph's Hall became a residence hall for Loyola University after the seminary moved out in 2018.


Spring Hill Hall

Xavier Hall (1995)

Gonzaga Hall (1963)


Further information about Loyola's Lake Shore Campus can be found in Loyola University Chicago by Kathryn A. Young and Ashley Howdeshell (The Campus History Series, Arcadia Publishing, 2020). Available at https://www.arcadiapublishing.com/Products/9781467105590 .