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Human Resources


Broadband ranges are established by Human Resources for purposes of administering Loyola's compensation plan. Loyola strives to be a median market-paying employer. This is accomplished, in part, by determining salary levels by comparing the compensation for selected Loyola positions against benchmark positions published in salary surveys. 

An individual's salary level may be a function of the prevailing market value of the position as well as a function of the individual's years in a position and overall job performance. It is not intended that the potential salary for any one position to necessarily be at or near the band's maximum. Loyola reserves the right to modify or amend the broadband structure and/or to make exceptions as necessary. 





$ 15,000

$ 45,000


$ 25,000

$ 70,000


$ 40,000

$ 95,000


$ 70,000





  • Band A—Positions at this level are non-exempt and are responsible for supporting day-to-day functions such as office or technical support. Duties tend to be focused around tasks that are ongoing and have precedence. Scope of responsibilities are defined yet requires the ability to organize tasks in an efficient manner. Knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA's) may be acquired on the job or from having done similar work. Generally does not require post-secondary or technical education.
  • Band B—Positions at this level usually require specific training and/or equivalent work experience. Work is more varied than level A and performance of employee impacts efficacy of the area. Band B may include non-exempt and exempt employees. Individuals at this level support a process and are able to articulate their role in the context of the larger picture. Technical abilities acquired through formal education or prior experience. This level may be a developmental level for professional positions.
  • Band C—Responsible for or supports whole processes or functions such as project managers. Professional positions generally requiring formal education. Positions in this band may include managers for specific business functions. Generally, the objectives and results of individuals at this level are clear-cut and measurable. These are professional, exempt positions. Positions in this band may require a high level of technical expertise to envision the necessary steps to achieve a desired end product. Understands system capabilities and limitations. May coordinate efforts of other employees.
  • Band D—Director level positions. Responsible for leadership over designated areas of a division. Generally, requires college and/or master's level education plus significant years of experience. Responsible for supporting "big picture" and highly visible projects; develops and carries out strategic initiatives. Usually reports directly to a Vice President. Individuals at this level are expected to manage and lead necessary change and deliver major contributions to the division and Loyola.
  • Band E—Responsible for division-wide projects. This level is reserved for the person(s) having ultimate authority and responsibility for division performance. Generally reserved for Vice Presidents. 

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