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Vision Insurance

Loyola University Chicago provides a single vision plan option, Vision Service Plan (VSP).

  • VSP provides comprehensive eye care benefits throughout the VSP network for routine services.
  • No ID Card is required or issued. Just provide your full name, date of birth, and SSN to your provider.

Vision Service Plan (VSP)

Aetna Vision Discounts
Employees and family members enrolled in our Aetna medical plan are eligible for vision savings under Aetna's EyeMed vision discount program. Please keep in mind this is not insurance but a discount savings program. The EyeMed network consists of national and regional retail stores as well as local eye doctors. Eligible savings include:

  • Eye exams
  • Eye glasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Accessories
  • Laser vision correction 

You can learn more about these discounts by visiting www.Aetna.com/Loyola. For more information, please review the Aetna Vision Discount Program.

Vision Service Plan (VSP) is Loyola's only vision insurance option. If you elect medical coverage through a Loyola medical plan, you are eligible for some benefits through EyeMed via Aetna:

  • Additional information about pricing can be found in the Benefits Booklet, located in the Resources section (upper right). 

With this plan, you may use any provider, but you will receive a higher level of benefits if you choose a VSP network provider, and you won’t have to file claims. If you choose an out-of-network provider, you pay the provider, and file a claim with VSP for reimbursement.

If you are enrolled in a Loyola medical plan option, you can receive discounts for annual eye exams through an Aetna PPO provider, EyeMed.

VSP offers discounts on PRK, LASIK and Custom LASIK surgeries through many of the nation’s finest laser surgery facilities and doctors. Additional plan features include the following:

  • You can receive 20% savings on additional pairs of prescription glasses and sunglasses purchased from any VSP doctor within 12 months of your last eye exam.

  • You will also save up to 30% on lens extras such as scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings, and progressives.

  • If your eye doctor visit includes a contact lens exam, there will be a copay of up to $60 of the contact lens exam (separate from eye exam copay).

  • Current soft contact lens wearers may qualify for a special contact lens program that includes an evaluation and an initial supply of replacement lenses. Ask your VSP doctor or visit www.vsp.com.

  • VSP has added more retail chain providers such as Costco and Visionworks to give you more service options and locations from which to choose.

To learn more or to find a VSP network doctor, call VSP Member Services at 800-877-7195 or go to www.vsp.com.

You can receive discounts on vision hardware through an Aetna partnership with EyeMed.

For more information, please review the Aetna Vision Discount Flyer in the Employee Resources Section on this page.

With a vsp.com account, you can:

  • View your benefit information and eligible services
  • Print a member ID card (not required for visits, but great for card holders!)
  • Find an eye care provider near you, including Premier Program locations where you'll get the most out of your benefits
  • Browse exclusive member extras to save you money

Visit vsp.com for info on how to keep your eyes healthy and maximize your vision benefits.

If you enroll in the VSP plan, and if your optometrist or ophthalmologist is an EyeMed provider, or if you use an EyeMed provider for products and services, present your Aetna ID card to compare discounts on frames, lenses, and contact lenses to determine which plan offers the better value.

Vision Service Plan (VSP) does not issue or require ID cards for services. Please inquire at vsp.com to find a VSP provider. Members simply call a VSP network provider to schedule an appointment, and tell them that they're a VSP member. Additionally, you may also create a VSP account online and access a digital version of your card. This is only available to the primary subscriber and is not required to receive services

NOTE: If you are enrolled in a Loyola medical plan option, a routine vision exam is discounted through the medical plan at EyeMed providers. Loyola medical plan participants can also receive discounted hardware/lenses at EyeMed providers; fees may vary by Aetna providers. See the Discount flyer in the Resource section of this page for more details. 


Vision Service Plan (VSP)